Prepping for the 2014 Tony Awards

I am SO happy to have a reason to write about this year’s Tony Awards.

Are you excited?


I still haven’t seen Aladdin (I know, I know) but I’ve actually gotten to see more shows this season than I thought (If/ Then, Violet, Bridges of Madison County, After Midnight, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and tonight — Rocky!) and while I love checking out what’s happening on stage, it’s personally been a toss up of a season this year. Out of this group, I can confidently say I loved Violet the most (tightly written, great talents, touching and wonderful songs). (Bridges of Madison County was a close second; the music is so beautiful and the two main cast members had such electric chemistry.)

Tony Award Nominees 2014
tony awards 2014 nominees | tony awards facebook

Despite a mediocre season, I love watching the award show, taking in all the gorgeous dresses, and watching some awesome performances from the comfort of my couch. (Plus — this is the best way for shows to market themselves and it’s exciting to see what works and what doesn’t.)

With four days left until the BIG DAY, I’m sure you are scrambling to make sure you have the best Tony Party ever. Am I right? I knew it! This is where I come in. I promise to help you make your Tony celebration an EVENT. Even if you are wearing pajamas and tweeting the whole time.

First, you need your ballot. Print it out here & make your picks!

(Confession: the last couple of years I’ve used a Moleskin notebook because I forget to print these out beforehand. NOT THIS YEAR.)

And how about a drink? Since I’m always cheering for the home team, we’re making Blue Hawaii cocktails in honor of the lovable and magical Genie from Aladdin. (Be sure to plan ahead with this particular libation; it should sit in the fridge for a bit before the show starts.)

If that’s not exactly your taste, Playbill came up with 15 show inspired mixed drinks to fit any palette!

The important part: Tony Awards are on Sunday, June 8 at 8pm EST hosted by Hugh Jackman.

Tony Awards 2014 Hugh Jackman
tony awards facebook

If you are all about supporting Aladdin, make sure you keep your ears open for these categories:

  • Best Musical
  • Best Book
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Performance for a Featured Actor in a Musical
  • Best Choreography

The live performances are always my favorite. Here’s what I can’t wait for:

So basically — a whole lot of goodness to look forward to!

Cheers to the Tonys and all the nominees! (Be sure to follow me @thatsostelle on Sunday night because I will be live tweeting like a fiend!)

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