Muppet Monday: I Feel the Earth Move

It’s the day after the Tony Awards, and I think it should be like those “traveling days” we had post-holidays in college. A day off, a late start… because the excitement! You know I did not get to bed early.

But I’m back today with Muppet Monday (sorry for the small break, folks) celebrating theatre and my inevitable Tony Awards hangover!

One of the new shows this season was a Carole King musical called Beautiful. I honestly had no interest in it until I saw a clip on our local news station, but I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet. (I’m actually surprised I saw as much as I did this year; I was pretty crafty.) Carole King is one of those songwriters who has penned songs you have heard so many times and never once thought they were written by Carole King. (I had no idea she wrote “One Fine Day” or “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”. Did you?)

Last night featured an awesome performance between Jessie Mueller (Best Actress in aΒ Musical last night) and King herself singing “I Feel the Earth Move.”

Carole King and Jessie Mueller Drawing
theatre mania

I thought the chances were pretty high that the Muppets covered Carole King at some point. I mean, her catalog is so extensive and falls during the years of The Muppet Show… so, you can see where I’m going with this.

THANKFULLY I WAS RIGHT. (Partly because I had already published my other Broadway-centric ideas.)

During Season 5 of the show, Loretta Swit covered “I Feel the Earth Move” with the most appropriate Muppet in the crew: Thog. You know that giant blue guy? The clip starts at 6:00.

Definitely a literal understanding of the song. πŸ™‚ How cute is Thog, btw? I know he’s humongous but he’s entirely harmless and has the most adorable eyes. Can you tell I have a soft spot for him?

An earlier season of The Muppet Show features another King song that you’ve probably heard a billion times in your lifetime. I won’t spoil that one because I may use it in the future for a Muppet Monday. (I’m mean, I know.)

Here’s hoping kicking off your week with two of my favorite things — Muppets and Broadway — make it the start of a good one for both of us!

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