Kill Refurb Marry: Epcot Pre-Shows

Kill Refurb Marry

Back in January, I came up with this prompt idea while waiting for Soarin’s pre-show instructions to begin. (I was also trying to find a rogue pin of mine that escaped; I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!) It’s true there aren’t too many of these experiences in EPCOT but I think they are like an appetizer, a supplement to the attraction or show you are about to see. As always, I love to discover the little details, guess the celeb, and hear my favorite rules (hands and legs safety!) over and over again.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?


So technically this is kind of a refurb but … not really because the Imagineers need to start from scratch. Ellen is cooler than ever but she doesn’t need her past self entertaining guests at the Energy Adventure anymore – no matter how entertaining that pre-show is. She can dance + she can rock suits! Her haircut is currently amazing. Guests are in desperate need of the “AFTER” Ellen, the one who knows even more about energy now (because guess what, things have EVOLVED) and who has really come into her own. Let’s make this happen, please!


Gary Sinise! Who doesn’t love Lt. Dan? I do, I really do. This appearance in the pre-show instructions is a clever casting choice. He calms my nerves; he does. But I think it’s his female counterpart who manages to strip away all my confidence and make me feel like this attraction is the worst decision I ever made. The beeping! The big words! I’m scared and nervous, and I think my lunch at Rose and Crown is going to end up on the lap of the person next to me. I know they need to inform guests of these RISKS beforehand but geez! I guess one refurb thought would be changing up the “host” to different celebrity captain every now and again. If they can change your adventure on Star Tours, I think they can make this happen too. (Maybe even a different host depending on if you are deciding Green vs. Orange team?) VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE PEOPLE. RIGHT?


After waiting a million minutes in line or waiting until your FastPass+ time is up, maybe playing those weird games along that wall, all you want to see is a friendly face. He might not speak squirrel (or chipmunk) but Patrick Warburton makes the perfect host of Soarin. (Plus that music!) I think it’s quick, to the point, and manages to be funny. (The guy with the Mickey ears, am I right?) Sure, the attraction could have a bit more to do while you are waiting in that enormous line of white walls but we can’t win them all, right?

↔And that’s it for another month of KILL REFURB MARRY, be sure to head on over to Mouse on the Mind
to check out her picks + also see who else joined us for the Epcot pre-show party!This was fun! 🙂 AND DIFFICULT. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Epcot Pre-Shows

  1. They definitely need to do something with Mission Space to make it feel fresh again. The pre-show is a good start, and I agree that they could make it vary so it isn’t the same thing over and over. In fact, they should do that with the entire ride. They also do go quite crazy with the warnings.

  2. I like that we were kind of thinking alike. 🙂 I almost married Soarin’ as well. It’s one of the few pre-shows that I kinda never want to change.

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