The Boy is Back (And My Love of TV)

Girl Meets World Cory and TopangaWith just one day left until the official premiere of Girl Meets World, I realized it’s been a long, long time since I’ve turned on the Disney Channel. (Teen Beach Movie, anyone?) It’s so entirely unlike the person I was a few years ago, constantly turning to DC for company when I was up late working on something or even a few years before that, when I needed some comfort from a horrible breakup. (Seriously, I left it on mute so my roommate could sleep and I could just watch the scenes; I had most of them memorized anyway.)

Ten years later, Girl Meets World might be that show for someone else. A kid home from college for their first summer, a family making a night of it and watching it all together, or maybe“`12 someone like me, tuning in and hoping to find something she might have lost a little bit over time.

I miss the days of T.G.I.F. and family television. Ironically, I watched a lot of these family sitcoms by myself growing up. (Don’t get me wrong; my parents are lovely but we grew into very independent TV watching habits when one of those little boxes had a home in every room we had.) Every week, listening to Magical Mouse Radio on Tuesdays, reliving so many of my favorites through the Commissary Lane background loop takes me back to my fuzzy carpet, chips in hand (the soda I’d sneak in), and time in the dark investing in these stories. Shows like Boy Meets World, Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step were why I loved TV so much. Not only did I want to have friends like these characters or spend holidays with these families, but in my day to day life, I could relate to so many of the connections they had and the moments they were going through.

And let’s not forget that in a period of 30 minutes things went from good to bad to good again. (Unless there was a cliffhanger and you were forced to throw some socks at the TV. True story.)

These days, my TV time is limited. We have one set in our apartment, and tend to DVR most of our shows. This year has been sort of a throwback because we tried to get into a lot of half-hour sitcoms. It’s mostly been successful; we love The Goldbergs but were bummed about the cancellation of The Crazy Ones and Trophy Wife. (Bert!) If we want some noise in the background, we’re more likely to turn on HGTV (oh my god — am I old?) or turn off the TV all together and listen to some Disney audio. Separately, we each have a few shows on our lists that we don’t watch together, and when I get some Estelle time, I get to binge-watch Nashville and sneak in a new horrifically bad episode of Glee. (I can’t help my Lea Michele obsession.)

Maybe I’m just jaded but it’s hard for me to believe that a family sitcom like the ones I watched as a kid could have a long-lasting life these days. Who knows? Maybe my mom and dad said the same thing. Maybe this is just one of those things you say when you are inching toward 30? To be specific, Disney Channel has changed so much too. I was big into Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Hannah Montana, andΒ That’s So Raven but could never get into anything much after that. (If you did, recommend something to me!)

Despite my doubts, I’ll be dutifully checking in tomorrow evening and secretly hoping that Girl Meets World is the excuse I need to get Disney Channel back into my life. It’s been so fun to follow my old favorites as they reunite and start a brand new project, and I’m awfully excited to see how it all comes together. Cory and Topanga married and happy with kids and being able to see it all happen? It’s a dream come true that many TV fans don’t get to experience and I’m grateful.


As we kill time before the premiere, check out some top-notch BMW moments compiled by a fan:


6 thoughts on “The Boy is Back (And My Love of TV)

  1. I have many of fond memories of watching all of the sitcoms you mentioned, usually with the family since us kids didn’t have tvs in our rooms yet.

    For nostalgia’s sake, I think I will have to tune in and see what Cory and Topanga are up to!

  2. This is fabulous. I was going to do a post about Girl Meets World tomorrow! I cannot wait for it. I seriously miss all the good television we had as kids. Now I want to binge watch Family Matter and Full House!

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