Muppet Monday: May the Fourth Be… Wait

It’s Monday morning… four days before the BIGGEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR.

(I mean… according to Sam the Eagle, of course.)

Do you have your fireworks spot planned out? Your picnic menu?

Maybe you will be tuning into Kermit and Miss Piggy on the PBS ‘A Capitol Fourth’ special. They’ll be singing “The Rainbow Connection” WITHOUT Sam. What an oversight, right?? I’m sure Sam is secretly in charge of the whole special or shooting off the fireworks. Or, who knows. Maybe after all the preparation, he likes to sit back with a Budweiser, hot dog, and an apple pie? Watching a baseball game? (Sam continues to be a mystery.)

While I spend the rest of my Monday speculating a.k.a. obsessing over Sam and his patriotism, check out this video from 2009. Some of my favorite Muppets (Bobo!! The penguins!!) are singing a lovely, lovely rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Wouldn’t John Philip Sousa be proud?

(I’m sure he is, especially after how his song is used during a memorable moment in MuppetVision 3D.)

Whether you decide to don red, white, and blue on Friday (or observe the holiday at all), I do hope you’ll take Sam’s lead and act as a respectable human being who never falls for cheap 3D tricks or participates in crazy schemes with wild and unpredictable folks… now wait a minute.

Just be good. And have some pie, okay? 🙂

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