Kill Refurb Marry: Those Air Conditioned Spots

Kill Refurb Marry

New York City isn’t exactly Orlando in the summer but oh gosh, when I walk just 2 blocks and it’s not even 9 a.m. and I want another shower? That’s how you know it is summer in the concrete jungle. Yes, I’m wearing a cute dress but how do I feel in that cute dress? (Not cute, believe me.) Fittingly, Melissa & I are hosting today’s Kill Refurb Marry about the lovely AC-ed spots in the Disney park of your choice.

Since I always vacationed during late August with my family (this is what happens when you have band camp & school responsibilities!), I’ve had my share of hiding from the mean, mean sun and even getting super sick because I was too dehydrated. Not fun. The good thing is you never run out of air-conditioned spots when you are in the theme parks. Sometimes it’s literally too cold, especially when you moving from heat to cool, heat to cool. (I’ve gotten colds  — in the middle of summer — because of this!)

Anyway, what do I think a good air-conditioned spot needs?

  • a nice amount of time to spent indoors. (Let’s avoid those colds.)
  • something to hold my attention. (Shopping or an attraction, it doesn’t matter.)
  • comfy seats (if you are sitting) but not too comfy that you are falling asleep.

I think that about covers it. Let’s cool down, shall we?


American Adventure in Epcot 2010

American Adventure. I loved the last change made to Hall of Presidents, which made our history touching and interesting and kept my attention. I honestly can’t even go into this room. Yes, the chairs are comfy and the inside is beautiful and you get entertained by the lovely Voices of Liberty group. But other than that? It’s a strong pass. I’d rather wait out outside for Elsa and Anna? (Maybe not but you know what I mean.) Guys, it’s a half hour show! That’s a really nice chunk of time to spend a portion of your day and you want it to be good, don’t you? This is sort of the theme with the America Pavilion in the first place: it is so uninspired. (And cold, but not in the way we want it to be.)

Husband’s comment: Sam Eagle would be flabbergasted.


Finding Nemo: the Musical. I don’t have any issue with the actual show; I think the tunes are catchy and it’s a lot of fun. It definitely trumps any of the other Disney musicals (I’m not counting Festival of the Lion King here because that’s more of a revue.) But I remember standing on that line in the middle of the crazy August sun, reading, and ignoring (sort of) the sweat dripping down my back. Ew. So gross. The placement of the Theatre in the Wild isn’t the best but I wish there were cooling fans or SOMETHING while people were waiting. (They even took away my beloved steel drum band so what is there to really live for?) Once you are inside, unless you get the “orchestra” seats, the bleacher style is totally uncomfortable for the half-hour show. My thought? Get new seats! Our tushes will thank you.

Another thought? How about a small gift shop somewhere nearby afterwards? This is when I wish Disney theaters were more like NYC ones. An easily accessible bar and the possibly of buying merchandise all make for a good theatre trip & a longer distraction from the heat waiting for you outside. (How cute would a stage door be? The kids would be so excited!)


Spaceship Earth in Epcot 2014

Spaceship Earth. Is this shocking? What’s shocking to me is that this ride is 15 minutes long! It feels longer, and in the best way possible. I could listen to Judi Dench talk to me forever about progress and advances in technology. Maybe I’m thinking of all the times I’ve been delayed on there. But I do love those seats, the interactive fun towards the end, and the SMELL OF BURNING THINGS. It’s all win-win, don’t you think? Even if you aren’t ready to hang out in the sun right afterwards, you can play around with all the interactive games in the post-attraction room. (Do you like this? Tell me I should do this.)

So on this warm summer day, I hope you enjoyed this round of Kill Refurb Marry! I hope you’ll join us
by blogging or maybe even tweeting! The hashtag is #killrefurbmarry!

3 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Those Air Conditioned Spots

  1. I’d put The American Adventure more in the “refurb” category. I think there’s still an amazing show in there, but it could use some updates. I’m with you on Finding Nemo. I think it’s a great show, but it’s also pretty long for a day in a theme park. The only reason it doesn’t matter as much is the limited number of attractions in the DAK. I agree on Spaceship Earth, at least for the ascent.

    I’ll add another one with the Carousel of Progress. The seats aren’t that comfortable, but it gives an excellent break (and an awesome show) from the heat.

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