Dressing for the Park: Epcot’s World Showcase

Hello again! I’m back with this fun feature. I was so excited by the reception the gorgeous Future World dresses post got last week, so here’s hoping you are just as excited about these beauties.

Dressing for the Parks Epcot's World Showcase 1a

Mexico: Wonderfully With It Dress, $55

That embroidery! Need I say more? (I’m a bit nervous about a white dress in a theme park but as long as I stick to sparkly liquids and salad, it could work?)

Norway: On the Open Seas Dress, $25

Nothing says the spirit of Norway like sailboats right? I love the nautical look happening right now + could see myself wearing this one for sure.

China: Superior Decorator Dress, $80

This print is intricate and very delicate, reminding me of so much designs you might see on a kimono. Aren’t these colors great together?

Germany: Playful Picnic, $25

I didn’t want this dress to make you think of Snow White so here we are with something relaxing and fit for a picnic or a day at the biergarten. The colors match the pavilion pretty nicely.

Italy: Guest of Honor Dress in Antiques $95

Isn’t this one something? I thought it was really different and reminded me of the adorable shops in the Italy pavilion.

American Pavilion: Cute Clipper Dress, $105

Very Dapper Day, right? Love the blue, the neckline, and it’s pretty adorable. Maybe a sailor hat as an accessory? 😉

Dressing for the Parks Epcot's World Showcase 2

JapanChrysanthemums the Word Dress, $103

Lush design but it was the red that reminded me so much of the Japan pavilion. It’s everywhere!

Morocco: Optical Opportunity List, $68

The print reminds me of the tile inside the pavilion. The colors aren’t perfect but the pattern is spot on. It’s one of my favorite spots in all of World Showcase, too.

France: Greeting Postcard Dress in Stationary, $95

It’s not hard to find a dress with the Eiffel Tower on it, but I liked this one because it looks almost kimono-ish and the colors are subtle but classy. (Bonus: if you look in the reviews someone wore this dress to Dapper Day!)

UK: Places to Go, People to See Scottie, $85

You can’t get much cuter than this. The colors, the puppies! What’s not to love?

Canada: Plaid to See You, Dress, $140

No lie. Canada was the hardest of all the World Showcase pavilions. Totem poles, water halls, foliage, or plaid? Gotta say — I am loving the look of this dress and would pair it with a pair of comfy boots for fall/winter wear.

We definitely need another country to make these images even! So what are your thoughts?
Which dress do you like the best? Which would be the best for the World?

Thanks so much for visiting today! Looking forward to doing another one of these soon!

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5 thoughts on “Dressing for the Park: Epcot’s World Showcase

  1. Why oh why must you do this to me again? Oh man I LOVE the China one, but I JUST purchased the dino one from last week. I cannot wait to get it in the mail! Love them all once again 🙂

  2. LOVE THIS! I just met Keith Gluck this weekend, and Dan and Melissa a few weeks ago at a La Cava event, so it’s been fun to spend the past few hours poking through your blog (which Keith spoke VERY highly of, by the way). This post is adorable; it fits right in with my little old (attempt of a) blog. Keep up the good work!

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