Muppet Monday: In the Glimmer of the Moonlight

It’s summer, and I’m doing what any average person is doing during the summer: dreaming of vacation.

We won’t be going anywhere extravagant this year (if we go anywhere at all), but one place on my list? Hawaii. James has already been there twice, but I’m looking forward to the day we can stretch out on a beautiful Hawaiian beach and read for hours and hours. If we’re lucky maybe Kermit will show up with his pals and serenade us while the sun goes down.

How about a little “Ukulele Lady” to kick start your Monday morning?

Doesn’t Kermit look fab in his lei and let’s chat about that Scooter! I love his backup vocals. This particular music sketch is from Season 2 of The Muppet Show. I wish Kermit played the ukulele more often these days. Alas…

Have you ever heard the term “evergreen song”? Me neither. But apparently it’s a musical term for “timeless classic” and that’s exactly how “Ukulele Lady” is described. The song dates back to 1925! See? That’s one thing I consistently love about the old Muppet Shows… the musical selections were varied, smart, and never felt like they would go out of style. (Now if only the people behind the song selections of the recent movies felt the same way… although “The Chorus Line” throwback in Muppets Most Wanted was a treat.)

Here’s hoping you find a little paradise during your week…!

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