Joy to the World: Holiday Family Checklist

This week, I was pleasantly surprised (although my coworkers were probably appalled) by the Christmas in July block of music on Magical Mouse Radio. (It’s my must-stop for music on Tuesdays!) Even if it’s sweltering and humid outside the office, it was nice to get a taste for the cheery and nostalgic tunes I have to look forward to in the next few months. Plus it got me into the spirit for what’s turned into a little holiday tradition of its own: Christmas in July with Melissa of Rolling with the Magic.

Holiday Decor in Magic Kingdom WDW 2013

Last year, we dedicated a whole month to our favorite holiday but this time, we are celebrating Christmas in July Eve. It’s crazy to think that in 5 months we’ll be shivering in our boots, possibly looking forward to snow, and awaiting Santa’s arrival. Is it just me or is this year moving even more swiftly than the last?

Let’s talk holidays. Since this time last year, I’ve had a few of my own Disney holiday miracles. I’ve actually gotten to see the Osborne Lights in action! I also drank my first peppermint mocha on Main Street while listening to the awesome holiday audio in the Magic Kingdom. These are definitely moments I’ll hold on to forever. With Melissa gearing up for a holiday family trip this year, I thought I would talk about what I would want to do if all my mom’s wishes came true and we made it down South for a very Mickey Christmas.

To stay: Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge Walt Disney World

I never have much of a desire to stay here during any other visit but it seems perfectly cozy and homey for the holidays. (In fact, I’m listening to their holiday loop as I write this.) I’ve never stayed in a Magic Kingdom resort with my family so it would be nice to give that a whirl plus I want to avoid crowds as much as possible during the holiday madness in the theme parks. I don’t think I’ll ever go to a theme park on actual Christmas so I would love to explore, relax, and hang out amongst all the foliage and fun of Wilderness Lodge, and perhaps grab a Double Chocolate Stout over at Territory Lounge.

To do:  Sleigh Ride at Fort Wilderness

Despite living in the north, I’ve never done a sleigh ride in the snow so I think staying at Fort Wilderness would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage. Again, I never hang around the Wilderness resorts much so it would be great to get a feel for them and take the grand tour especially in Christmas style. My only question is: do they play Christmas music while this ride is going on? I sure hope so!

To eat: Narcoossee’s

The holidays are all about tradition, correct? My family always enjoyed celebrating holidays at Narcoossee’s when we were fortunate enough to vacation together so I’d love to spend a holiday dinner with a great view of the Magic Kingdom and the Seven Seas Lagoon. It’s not exactly the home cooked meal we have come to expect every year at home, but if we are in Florida for the holidays, we might as well splurge. I think this spot is totally worth it.

To tour: Gingerbread houses along Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake View Walt Disney World

The BoardWalk Resort area has always been super special to my parents and I. We stayed there so much during my childhood. (Ugh, teenage years? Does that make me sound less old?) I can’t foresee us NOT spending a ton of time here so I think touring all the gingerbread creations in the resorts + stopping for a fun drink in our favorite spots (Belle Vue, Crew’s Cup, ESPN) is on the list to ensure some holiday delight. (I am reminded of Rhiannon’s great adventures around Crescent Lake during the holiday season last year.)

To see: Holiday Wishes

Since my parents are DVC members, my dreams from last year could finally come true! (You know… if this trip was actually happening.) Fireworks from the Magic Kingdom and a lovely coffee martini at the Top of the World with the entire family in tow? Sounds like the perfect way to make some memories to me.

Bonus: I cannot say enough amazing things about the Illuminations Cruise. I’ve never done the Wishes one, and the last time I took one of these was in November on the coldest evening ever. We could see the Christmas trees from the boat, and today I was thinking how cool it would be to do a special occasion cruise with my family and my husband. Get the crew all together for something we wouldn’t do on a normal trip. We love Epcot. We love Illuminations, and the fact that we can all have a drink on board now would make it even more awesome. So it”s definitely something to think about.

Dear Mom, if you are reading this… there is still time to convince Dad to make this trip happen this year. If not, at least we’ll be prepped for the future!

Readers, here’s hoping the rest of your day is cheery and bright! Is it possible to not wish away the entire year and still want the holiday season upon us so badly? I guess we’ll find out! Happy dreaming!

Be sure to stop in & check out what Melissa is going to her REAL family trip to the parks this holiday season!

Fa la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa

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