Muppet Monday: Stars, Cars, and Theme Songs

Happy Muppet Monday!

We’re traveling deep into the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios today to talk about one of my favorite theme park parades: Stars and Motorcars parade which debuted during the 100 Years of Magic campaign. (It ran until 2008.) I had the opportunity to see this gem a few times during my vacations to Orlando, and I never realized until I started the blog how much of a novelty it was to 1) have the Muppets involved in something new 2) see the Muppets as CHARACTERS in the park.

Muppets in Stars and Motorcars Parade at Hollywood Studios

When I was listening to trusty park audio the other day, I noticed a great mish-mash of “A Friend Like Me” and “The Muppet Show” theme song. I’m not sure if I picked that out before but when it’s not all too frequent to hear a Muppety song involved in much at the parks — I got all excited.

In fact, the whole mix of music is pretty fantastic.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is lucky enough to have such epic music as part of its “mission”. Of course, the Muppets rank high as a favorite for me but Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and, of course, all the music from the awesome animated films from this time period. Maybe that’s part of what made Stars and Motorcars such a memorable parade.

Unfortunately, DHS is without a parade these days. I’m sure it goes without saying how I would love the Muppets to be part of whatever comes next…

And most importantly, fingers crossed I get to see an oversized frog and pig walking around a theme park in my lifetime.

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