Muppet Monday: C is For…

Have you ever checked out the International Day of Calendar?

It’s pretty intense.

Not only does each date have some kind of meaning, but August itself is Romance Awareness Month, Admit You’re Happy Month, National Golf Month, and Family Fun Month. (That’s not even all of them.) Seems like you could be pretty occupied keeping up with all of these. There is always something to celebrate!

Today I’m focusing on August 4. National Chocolate Chip Day or National Coast Guard Day? Which one would make a better Muppet Monday? Tough choice, friends. Tough choice.

Obviously, I went with chocolate chip. For the cookies.

If we are being technical, Cookie Monster IS a Muppet even if he’s a part of the Children’s Television Workshop and not The Muppets a.k.a. Disney. So here he is hanging out with Kermit in the early 90s (I would imagine this was recorded before then because I’m positive this is Jim Henson’s Kermit). Now, I never thought of these two as best friends. What does a cookie-obsessed monster and a banjo-playing frog have in common? It’s not even a case of opposites of attract. Like where exactly would they hang out? I still can’t wrap my head around it.

But Cookie is determined to get his cookie, and Kermit really tries to not lose his cool.  I would imagine you figured this would happen before you even pressed “play”. This was a fun trip down memory lane; it’s been awhile since I watched a proper Sesame Street clip.

Be sure to get your fill of chocolate chips today. And share with your friends! Sesame Street was always big on the sharing.

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