Splashin + Relaxin: WDW Pools I Love

I love to swim. Love it.

If there is an ocean or a pool nearby, it’s more than likely that I will not leave until I have to. Even if my fingers have already turned to raisins. It’s been a weird summer around New York though. What I mean by that is there haven’t been a ton of opportunities to take a dip in the pool or have a great beach day. It’s not summer without swimming so I’m hoping I still get the chance to squeeze in my favorite warm weather activity before fall gets here.

Naturally, I started thinking about the pools I’ve hung out in during Walt Disney World vacations and I thought I would highlight a few of the ones I love the most. Way back in the day when I was traveling with my parents, we adopted the routine of sitting by the pool all morning and afternoon and heading into the parks at night. Since my trips now are shorter and all over the calendar (not just August) I haven’t been able to continue that tradition. In fact, I’m lucky if I can drag my husband away from the parks long enough for a pool break.


I’m going to work very hard to imagine I’ll be relaxing in one of these pools very, very soon.

Bay Cove Pool @ Bay Lake Tower

View of Bay Lake Cove at Bay Lake Tower

We stayed at Bay Lake Tower during a cold March, so even though we only got to swim once, I really enjoyed this one for the views of Bay Lake. I never stay in Magic Kingdom resorts so it was a nice change of scenery. One qualm? Because Bay Lake Tower is so tall the sun was always hidden behind it and we were freezing when we got out of the pool.

Villa’s Quiet Pool @ BoardWalk Inn Resort

I’ve probably spent a majority of time at the Luna Park Pool (scary clown slide) and normally, I would list that one. But since they changed the atmospheric music and it can be so so loud… I decided to highlight the Quiet Pool. It’s an easy walk from the main one, and it really lives up to its name. No lifeguard, not a ton of kids, and a nice break from the hustle and bustle.

Congress Park Pool @ Saratoga Springs Resort

Congress Park Pool at Saratoga Springs Resort

I’m a huge fan of all the pools at Saratoga Springs. (I love the no entry look!) But I’m definitely a person who enjoys a good view and I love how the Congress Park Pool overlooks Pleasure Island/Downtown Disney area. It’s a quick walk to the path along the water, and it’s quiet romantic hangout during the nighttime.

Miller’s Road Quiet Pool @ Old Key West Resort

Like with Saratoga Springs, I love the the feature pool at Old Key West too. The bridge is a memorable detail because I used to hide under it when it was off-the-charts hot during August trips. (Seriously, the water felt like a hot tub without even trying to be.) But the Miller’s Road Quiet Pool is tucked away, and feels almost totally private. These are the moments I don’t think people know exist when they think TYPICAL DISNEY VACATION but they so do.

Hippy Dippy Pool @ Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort Walt Disney World March 2013

This might not be the most glam destination but I really do like the energy here. There are a ton of families, but there is enough room to swim and the Flower Power Pool Bar is a huge bonus. Now if only they had a hot tub… Pop Century would be perfect.

There you have it. Five spots I wouldn’t mind floating around and relaxing in during a WDW vacation.

One thought on “Splashin + Relaxin: WDW Pools I Love

  1. Wow, 5 pools I haven’t even ever seen! My favorites are probably very obvious – Uzima Springs at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Ol Man Island at Port Orleans Riverside, the Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club, and the Swan/Dolphin pool complex. 15 days to Disney – can’t wait to jump in the pool!

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