Simple Moments: Series Launch!


Today I’m so excited to introduce a brand new series that will be popping up pretty frequently this month:

Simple Moments Banner at This Happy Place Blog

What’s this all about? Well, the more and more I visit the parks the more I realize my most treasured moments aren’t necessarily the ones that I planned months and months in advance. They aren’t even the ones found on a park map. So I have reached out to several Disney bloggers who I admire because of their passion for the parks, their ability to set a scene, and their awesome writing styles. I can’t wait to share their stories with you… but first, mine.

It’s natural to be nervous about traveling with someone for the first time.

I’ve been accustomed to traveling with my parents, my sister, my husband, and friends I’ve known forever. But never someone I — dun dun dun — met on the internet. That’s actually not entirely the truth. Does it count if you met because of the internet, hung out various times for several months, and then went on vacation together? It’s not as shocking, sure. Just like you can’t always live with your best friends, you hope that you can at least vacation with them. Not talk too much, not snore or talk in your sleep, have stuff to talk about.

This was all going on in my mind before I left for my November trip to Walt Disney World, where I would meet up with Katherine of Food Fitness Fantasy.

I was utterly and completely wrong to worry.

(Katherine, if I ever talked in my sleep, feel free to tell me now.)

I think when you bond over something like Walt Disney World, and travel as consistantly or read about them as voraciously, as we do… it makes the friendship feel a lot older than it really is. So it’s with this ease and comfort with Katherine that I had one of my best trips down to the parks. She was a huge inspiration for this blog series, actually.

Here’s one of the reasons why:

Before Katherine had to suit up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, we spent most of the day traipsing around Magic Kingdom (including a scary moment on Haunted Mansion, figuring out how to eat a waffle sandwich, and taking prom photos with Goofy and Donald at Storybook Circus). So we were a little sweaty (glowing!), a bit hungry, and ready to take a breather and find ourselves in Adventureland.

Adventureland in Magic Kingdom

We stood in line forever for a Dole Whip float, and took a seat nearby. We didn’t talk. We people-watched and slurped before our Disney dessert melted into a puddle, and listened to the amazing Adventureland loop. Katherine and I both listen to a lot of Disney Parks audio in real life, so it felt perfectly fitting to sit side-by-side letting the Adventureland spirit sweep us away.

Dole Whip Float at Adventureland

Sure, we had plenty of moments throughout our trip where we talked a lot, gabbed about past trips, a dog and his blog, and what we like to do and other fun things but I think it says a lot when you can sit with someone in silence and feel perfectly content, not worrying about what to say next.

Anytime when the Adventureland loop pops up on my computer, I’m automatically transported back to this very calm moment in one of my favorite spots with one of my favorite people.

Thanks so much for reading today! Can’t wait to share more SIMPLE MOMENTS with you soon!

3 thoughts on “Simple Moments: Series Launch!

  1. The dog’s name is Stan! And I wouldn’t know if you talked in your sleep; I am the world’s heaviest sleeper. I LOVE THIS. Obviously. Yayyyyy! I can’t wait to go back!!!

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