Simple Moments: Her Nose Stuck in a Book

It’s always a pleasure to have the stylish, witty, and talented Emma from A Pinch of Pixie Dust on THPB! Today she shares a very Belle-like moment with us. Enjoy! -emh

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I’m one of those crazy people who always likes to have a book about them.

Yes, even at Walt Disney World.

Now I know I’m not really going to have a chance to read while dashing from ride to ride, but there’s just something comforting about having a favorite title tucked in my purse.

Usually I’ll try to resist my bookish instincts and travel light – because there’s nothing like breezing under the “Guests with No Bags” sign, especially when a ferry has just disgorged and the security line is a mile long. But sometimes I’ll just bite the bullet and bring my bag – with a small book!

On one particular Magic Kingdom afternoon, after a busy morning of flying with elephants, beating Zurg, and being thrown into a briar patch, I found myself at the park exit with a half hour to kill before I met up with the rest of my party. The sky was threatening rain, so I went up into the train station to wait.

Train Station in Magic Kingdom

This is a space you usually walk right through, so it was lovely to slow down and just take in the details – the light fixtures, the benches, the murals, the architecture, the penny moving-picture machines.

The covered balcony just outside the train station was empty, so I picked one of the tables to sit at while I waited. I listened to the train coming and going…

Magic Kingdom Train

I watched the crowds and the castle show going on off in the distance…

Cinderella's Castle: A Pinch of Pixie Dust

As the downpour started and Main Street started to fill with ponchos, I pulled out my P.G. Wodehouse and enjoyed the sound of the rain, the Disney surroundings, and one of my favorite stories. A photopass photographer also sheltering under the overhang gave me a Gaston look for actually reading in the park, but I didn’t care. It was a simple and quiet Disney moment but definitely a pixie dusted one. 🙂

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