Simple Moments: From Madness to Magic

Always a treat to welcome my dear friend, Melissa, from Rolling with the Magic to This Happy Place Blog. Even if we aren’t discussing the holidays or Buddy the Elf. 😉 Today she shares an unexpected moment in the middle of a very busy Disney day. Happy reading! – emh

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In March of this year I attended a conference at Walt Disney World. We decided to get there a day early and enjoy the parks together before I attend conference sessions and Drew ran around the parks alone. We got to Art of Animation around 3:00 pm, checked in, and headed over to the Magic Kingdom around 5:00 pm. I knew the parks were heading into Spring Break season but I wasn’t really prepared for the crowds we encountered.

We slowly made our way through Adventureland and I started feeling claustrophobic. To try to get out of the crowds we were going to grab something to eat in Liberty Square but the place was packed and the Liberty Square Market was out of everything. There were waiting for food to be delivered and I felt so bad for the Cast Members. While were were there an announcement was made that the Magic Kingdom would be closing an hour later than scheduled. We knew for sure the place was packed.

After avoiding the crowds as best we could and we decided to have a really late dinner around the time Wishes was going off at 10:00 pm so we could finally get away from the insanity for a bit. We went to Pecos Bill’s since we knew it would be open and air conditioned and enjoyed our onion rings and taco salad with the booms of Wishes in the background. We sat there for a bit trying to decide what to do next. We knew everyone would be heading to the buses right after the fireworks so we thought we would see how crowded the Main Street Electrical Parade viewing areas were in Frontierland. And that is when the night took a turn.

Main Street Electrical Parade

There was almost no one there! We were almost dumbfounded. After battling the crowds all day we just couldn’t figure out how this place could be so empty! A Cast Member walked by us and asked jokingly if he could help us find a spot. We chose a spot and could only count about 10 other guests. When the parade came by all of the characters waved to us since there was no one else near us and almost all of the ones walking by stopped by to say hi or give us a high five. All of the frustrations of the day just melted away. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun during a Disney parade.

Main Street Electrical Parade

On our way out of the park we ran into the Cast Member we met at the parade in the hub and he asked us if we enjoyed our parade. And that was exactly how it felt. In the middle of Spring Break madness, we had the Main Street Parade almost to ourselves. It was like they did it a second time just for us. I am so glad we decided to stick it out. If you just take a deep breath, take your time, and just enjoy whatever moments come your way you never know what kind of magic you’ll find.

Main Street Electrical Parade

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