Muppet Monday: Constantine Unleashed

I’ve said it before and I am about to say it again.

One of the best things about being a part of the Disney online community is being able to take part in each other’s vacations through social media. Maybe I should rephrase that. It’s sort of a blessing and a curse because a) you aren’t really on the trip b) it’s nice to see the pictures but you really want to be ON that trip c) it’s really nice to see the pictures (sigh sigh whine whine).

This weekend was one of those times for me. I didn’t think much of the Villains Unleashed event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios until it was announced that Matt Vogel would be accompanying the most dangerous frog in the world down to the World. Yes, I am talking about Constantine. I’m not sure how he managed such a sweet transfer from Gulag to Gulag but… he did, and after a lot of unhappy tweets about the disorganization and crowds at this ticketed event, it seems that HE was the biggest hit.

I had way too much fun scrolling through instagram checking out the #villainsunleashed hashtag for glimpses of Constantine chatting up his worshippers.

Here’s a great video from Attractions Magazine:

For a Muppet fan, having Constantine LIVE LIVE LIVE down in the theme park is a pretty huge deal. Other than a few appearances of the Muppets at Disney events outside of the parks, this has not happened at all. What could it mean? Could this awesome press convince Disney we need MORE MUPPETS IN THE PARKS? (Honestly, I’m not sure what would ever convince them so I can only hope at this point.) If guests love this new character so much, more attention in the theme parks for this crew makes sense, right? I know there’s a math equation somewhere in the world that proves it.

Look at some of these tweets showing up on Matt Vogel‘s feed this weekend:

Matt Vogel Tweets about Villains Unleashed

Nothing warms my heart more than people excited about the Muppets. Even if the particular Muppet is dangerous and behind bars.

Here’s hoping Disney runs with the popularity of this somehow… we shall see.

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