The Summer of Staycation

It’s been a weird summer. For the first time in a long time, James and I did not take a trip anywhere. I didn’t even take a solo trip to visit friends like I did last year. We didn’t go to the beach and, shock of all shocks, we haven’t even gone swimming. The weather’s been unpredictable; we were busier than we thought with other obligations, and there’s that small detail about money.

I think my head is wired to associate “break” with actually going away so I can’t say I’ve felt much of a reprieve this summer either. I see pictures of blue water and sandy beaches, rows of palm trees and piles of books to be devoured without interruption and I just want to be transported there. It doesn’t much matter where there is.

Begrudgingly, I am going to get positive here because, despite our lack of getting out of New York this summer, we did have our share of adventures in our own backyard. I mean, we live in New York! People come here for vacation! So even though I get a case of the sads when I think of the lack of island time in my life, we are fortunate to live in a place with such a vast amount of things to do. (Pro tip: if you inhale the sunscreen scent from all the tourists, you will feel like you are just a visitor too!) We tried our best to take advantage and I thought I would share a few of the newer experiences we’ve had this summer.

(This post is half about reminding myself I actually did things this summer + also to serve the purpose of sharing exciting city stops for you to try out the next time you are in town. I promise.)

the high line | more info

The High Line NYC

One of my best friends came to visit before she made the big awesome exciting move to Australia for a work opportunity. Our to-do list is pretty simple when she’s in town. See a show, get some good drinks, take in New York. So the High Line wasn’t exactly a plan. It just happened. And I was so glad because it was my first visit. We talked through the greenery of the city, high above the street. I couldn’t help but remark how some of the trees provided such a curtain from the outside world that it didn’t feel like we were in the city anymore. People were reading on the grass, cooling down in some bench sprinklers, ordering tacos and popsicles, and taking tons of photos.

the beer passport | more info

Coopers Craft and Kitchen in NYC

This isn’t entirely new, per say, since we bought a beer passport last year… but since the stops along the way were different, it counts. In fact, James and I even went to Brooklyn last weekend but we didn’t have a chance to stop in any of those bars last summer. Here’s the deal with the passport: for 35 dollars you get 1 free beer at 48 different locations. Money for the passport goes to charity. It’s pretty awesome since craft beers (even crappier beers) average about $7 a pint in NYC so even though we haven’t finished it (and probably won’t), it was certainly cost effective. Here are a few spots that stood out to us this time around:

  • Coopers Ale House: rustic decor, great service, and some yummy mac & cheese.
  • St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe (Brooklyn): friendly/knowledgeable staff, beer flights in muffin pans, great beer selection
  • Pushcart Coffee: two of our vices are caffeine and beer. This spot has both on tap. Delicious.
  • Distilled NYC: Complementary popcorn, awesome bartenders, and a really cool spot downtown I never would have found otherwise.

coney island + the brooklyn cyclones | more info

Coney Island NYC and Brooklyn Cyclones

So… originally we bought tickets for the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game because the Muppets were scheduled to be there for a promotion. Um, well, that did not work out the way that I thought it would but you know what… it forced me to finally get on a train and go to Coney Island and James and I had some of the best seats for a baseball game ever. I mean, yea, it was for the Cyclones but it was a fun experience and I definitely want to get back there. (Sidenote: Muppets, I was sad.)

sweet chick nyc | more info

// first time I heard about chicken + waffles, I totally poo-pooed it. Ew. How gross. But since I’m matured (cough cough), I was curious about trying the combination at a friend’s birthday dinner. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. First of all, the restaurant was super intimate and adorable. (I’m a sucker for rustic decor and beer in mason jars.) And the food? Chicken and waffles are a match made in heaven and I can’t wait to introduce more people to this particular restaurant.

Food, spirits, and outdoor events sounds like about right for the summer. There were also these highlights:

  • We dog-sat for friends.
  • I tried the Lays Cappuccino chips and they were gross.
  • I went to a wedding where a couple entered their reception by boat. (This was pretty awesome!)
  • We bought new pillows.

You are so jealous, I know. Here’s hoping you make the most of the summer weather during the upcoming long weekend! I’m still holding out for some pool time.

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