Simple Moments: They’re Everywhere

Greetings! Alan, friend and guest writer of This Happy Place Blog, is back with a fantastic twist on the Simple Moments post. Hope you enjoy and come up with a list of your own! – emh

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When Estelle first suggested the idea for the Simple Moments series, I immediately jumped on board. Simple moments happen all the time at Walt Disney World.  I should have no problem coming up with one… or so I thought. As I sat and stared at my computer screen, I struggled to come up with something to write about. Then it clicked. I went back to my first thought when Estelle mentioned the idea.

Simple moments happen all the time at Walt Disney World.

A Walt Disney World vacation is a whirlwind to say the least.  Running from Fastpass+ to Fastpass+, then catching the bus so you can make your ADR on time doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities to stop and slow down. Due to the constant “go-go-go” nature, you have to take full advantage of the few opportunities you get.  Here are a few of my favorite simple moments that are available to everyone.

  • Inside the Magic Kingdom, my favorite place to slow down is the bridge overlooking Splash Mountain.  I love to stand there and watch the logs come over the drop. It’s a great place to enjoy the screams of the guests as they plummet over the falls and the squeals of joy as they wipe water from their faces.
  • If you’re inside the Animal Kingdom during lunch, one of my favorites is at Flame Tree Barbecue.  On a trip in 2005, my wife (then girlfriend) and I ate lunch there. Once we received our order, we wandered down a few paths and found a quiet spot down by the water.  It was a late lunch that day so we lucked out and had the area to ourselves.  We had a beautiful view looking out over the river.  We sat together overlooking the then under construction Expedition Everest, enjoyed our meal in the peace and quiet, and had a great “wind down” moment in the middle of the day in a busy theme park.

Expedition Everest Under Construction at Animal Kingdom

  • My final, and probably favorite, is over at Epcot.  Anyone who listens to the podcast knows how I feel about World Showcase.  To me, there is no better place to “stop and smell the roses”.  It is designed so you can fully immerse yourself in each pavilion’s environment.  Grab your beverage of choice and explore, then do it ten more times as you travel around the world.  This is my happy place.  Every moment inside World Showcase is a simple moment for me.  Visiting shops, enjoying food and drinks from various countries, walking hand-in-hand with my wife.  Personally, those are the perfect moments of every Walt Disney World vacation.

France Pavilion in Epcot World Showcase

There are so many opportunities for “simplicity” on every trip but they’re easy to miss when you’re focusing on the next thing on your list. My suggestion is to slow down and look for them. These are the moments that you’ll remember long from now. Sure, you’ll remember how much you loved Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, but the real memories you’ll cherish are the ones where you are just enjoying the environment around you and the people with you.

That’s the real point of all of the Walt Disney World vacations we take. It’s not about the newest attraction or show; it’s about the family and friends that are traveling with us and the memories we make together.  So, the next time you’re running to your next scheduled Fastpass+, stop for a second.  Listen for the background music.  Look at the smiles on the faces around you.  Savor that time because it’s worth it.

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