Simple Moments: The Night Before

Happy Tuesday! Happy to welcome my Kill Refurb Marry partner-in-crime Melissa of Mouse on the Mind to the blog today. I love how Melissa invited us into her brainstorm as she sorted through her memories for a moment to write about. Sometimes uncovering it is half the fun. Happy reading! -e
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When Estelle asked me to take part in this series, I had to stop and think for a second.

Immediately, the Saturday evening of Gay Days 2014 came to mind. I was with Dan of At Disney Again, Jon from Mouse on the Mind, Jon from EPCOTPrime and Amy (just Amy … of being an amazing photographer fame), and we had actually missed our dinner reservation at Be Our Guest. The Park was literally too crowded to make it to the restaurant, and we’d given up trying to swim upstream, like lazy, tired salmon.

In the end, we ordered some ice cream on Main Street and held court on West Center Street. Nicole from Sparkly Ever After joined us, and we all sat on the sidewalk to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade roll by. What was supposed to be a fairly sedate and fancy evening ended up being a low key hang in a rarely-traversed section of the Park on an incredibly crowded evening.

But, of course, Dan and I were totally “off” by that point. There are no photos of us sitting around, relaxing on West Center Street. So I had to rethink … Think. Think. Think.

And then I remembered the night before Gay Days …

Dan and I arrived in the World after working a full and slightly hectic day at his office. I’d flown in late the night before, and we were both pretty tired when we rolled into Orlando. But we’d read on twitter that Marketplace Co-Op had opened at Downtown Disney that morning, so of course we headed straight there.


After we availed ourselves of most of our spending cash, it was off to Fort Wilderness to meet up with some friends for a turn (or two) around the buffet at Trail’s End. It was a great meal, full of pork products, laughter and lots of cornmeal. And by the time it was over, we were what we like to call “Disney Done”—totally, irreconcilably exhausted.

By all sensible means, we should have gone to our hotel, checked in and fallen into bed. But we didn’t. Because I am a child. And I hadn’t seen the Electrical Water Pageant in too long … so I made Dan hop on a bus, and we rolled on over to Wilderness Lodge and walked down to the beach.


There, we collapsed onto some lounge chairs. Totally blissed out by an awesome Disney evening. Totally full from a fabulous meal. And totally exhausted from our travels. I breathed deeply, enjoying the unique scent of the Bay Lake Beach, while Dan fiddled with his camera, snapping photos of me as he fixed his settings to get shots of the Pageant.


And then the familiar music began. We hummed along to the synthesizer goodness. Cheered for our favorite floats. And basked in the radiance of the stars and stripes as they flashed along in front of Discovery Island. But that’s where we leave you: zig-zaggingly ambling across the beach, holding hands and debating our next Marketplace Co-Op purchase.

Just another simple Disney moment.

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