My Happy Place: Cape Cod (Tokyo DisneySea)

Good morning + good evening, wherever you are reading from today. 🙂 I’m glad you stopped in because I’m thrilled to share Q’s THP debut. He’s been such a supportive and enthusiastic reader from as early as I can remember and it’s an honor to have his writing showcased on here. Since we’re all about happy places, Q is sharing his (and will be coming back with more). Enjoy this trip to Tokyo! – e

The Disney Parks and Resorts are truly incredible places to visit — inspired by history, discovery, nature, places, stories and fantasy and created by extremely talented artists, designers, Imagineers, storytellers and dreamers. People are drawn to them from all corners of the globe to experience the genius and true-life magic.

We all have our favourite Park (maybe a different one every day!), perhaps a favourite resort, hotel, attraction, show, food and snack, but do you have those places that you just LOVE? Somewhere that connects with you in a very powerful way, whether it is because of charm, atmosphere, memories, or an inexplicable force, causing you to become obsessed. It may not be the most spectacular spot on property, but it’s one of your favourite places in the world anyway.

I have two of these happy places. One is a small New England fishing village, and the other is a garden which isn’t even inside the berm of a Disney Park. And I have been totally enchanted by them both.

Cape Cod is the quieter side of the American Waterfront port at Tokyo DisneySea. It’s possible you may not have known of its existence, but you may have heard of a character or three who comes from there: Duffy the Disney Bear, his friend Shellie May and the postman seagull Tippy Blue all hail from Cape Cod. But, if you’re not a Duffy fan, don’t hold that against this idyllic and beautiful spot. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit also has a meet and greet there now!

Cape Cod is nestled between a calm cove on one side, and the towering volcano Mount Prometheus (the looming and ever present reminder of danger!) on the other. It’s easy to pass by  in a hurry to get to Port Discovery, or the bustling American Waterfront port with its impressive Hotel Hightower, the majestic S.S. Columbia cruise ship, and elevated electric railway, but Cape Cod is a perfect spot to slow down and be transported to a simpler time and place. Filled with picturesque lookouts and photo spots, Cape Cod is a village of pretty weatherboard houses and shops with shingled roofs and picket fences. There’s a proud whitewashed Town Hall and clock tower, brick factory warehouse and the gorgeous red and white striped lighthouse watching over the village and protecting the boats of the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line.

Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea 5

There are no large attractions or E-tickets that reside here, although it can be a busy place as its central to all things Duffy. There is Aunt Peg’s Village Store for confections and all your Duffy outfits and accessories. The Cape Cod Cook-Off is a counter service restaurant of hamburgers and fries, where in the warehouse back section contains the restaurant theatre playing the short ‘My Friend Duffy’ show plays regularly for diners.

The charm and detail in this small area is unavoidable. Pulled up along the shoreline are numerous rowboats. Moored on the still waters of the cove are weathered, bobbing fishing boats. The lighthouse stands guard on the rocky cape. Ducks swoop in and land on the water like tiny Seaplanes of old. The beautiful landscaping complements the rugged rockwork and the brightly hued buildings with even more colour and lush greenery. A bronze statue of Captain Mickey stands, dressed in his rain slicks at a boats wheel with his eternal smile and eyes filled with adventure.

Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea 1

Since my visit this place has cast its spell over me, and I daydream of Cape Cod often. It  gives me a feeling of serenity and seaside bliss whenever I think of it. It’s like nowhere I have ever visited in ‘the real world’, yet Cape Cod seems familiar and comfortable to me. Realising I certainly didn’t spend nearly enough time there, I very much long to return to soak in more of its atmosphere and discover more of Cape Cod’s detail.

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