Muppet Monday: Friendship Between a Lady and a Pig

If you’ve watched only a few Muppet movies, you’ve noticed that Miss Piggy doesn’t have a solid gal pal she goes to when things are rough with Kermit, she needs advice on her red carpet style for the next big event, or deciding just how much of the script to rewrite when those things come in the mail.

She sort of just stands on her own.

Miss Piggy is all about standing out and being as fabulous as possible. Being a diva seems a little lonely. Kermit and her pup, Foo-Foo, are the only two Muppets she talks to on a regular basis. She never seems to have the time of day for the rest of the crew. But if her big number in Muppets Most Wanted was any indication, there’s a sensitive pig deep down inside who worries about the future. Sure, I wish there was a bigger picture beyond Kermit but maybe that’s a storyline for another movie.

Why am I bringing this up?

Good question.

With the passing of Joan Rivers this past week, I couldn’t help but think of Piggy and Joan working at the makeup counter at Bergdorf Goodman in The Muppets Take Manhattan. At this point in the movie, Kermit has lost his patience with pitching Manhattan Melodies, the next big hit on Broadway (he hopes) and the group disbands; everyone going their own way. Miss Piggy, though, has other ideas. She must stay in New York and watch a.k.a. stalk her leading green frog, as well as keep an eye on Jenny, the sweet girl from the restaurant who seems to be developing a close relationship with him.

Hence, the job in retail.

The scene between Joan and Piggy runs under 3 minutes and it’s one of the only times I can remember Miss Piggy dropping her act for a few minutes and confiding in someone else. Female companionship is so rare in Muppet movies to begin with, but I can’t help but smile as Piggy and Joan share their problems with each other and have a little too much fun at their jobs. In this quick scene, they are just two girlfriends, forgetting all their stress and finding a little joy. This is precisely why, for the last week, I couldn’t get the image of Joan, all done up in pink, goofing around with the most famous pig I know out of my head.

Even if it was just a movie, it was also nice to know that Joan and Piggy kept up their, er, friendship throughout the years. Just a few months ago, I was watching them trade barbs on QVC.

I think Kermit said it best when he called the chemistry between Piggy and Joan “showbiz magic.”

Bonus: A great blog on Bergdorf Goodman and their lovely window tribute to Joan.

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