Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Transportation

Kill Refurb Marry

Gosh! I can’t believe it’s time for another Kill Refurb Marry! Last time, we chatted about Disney Songs from Animated films and today we are all about transportation: how you get around your Disney resort. A little about me: from the beginning of our trips to WDW, we’ve always depended on the Disney transportation to get us around. Even when we drove from New Jersey to Florida, we used their system. (Hey my dad needed a break after all that driving.) When we started flying, it was more of the same. We never rented a car. So maybe that’s why I’ve always been used to how the transportation system works and I don’t complain about it much.

Now that I live in the city and depend on subways, buses, and a nice walk to get me to and fro, I find myself even more patient with the buses, boats, etc. during a Disney vacation. One: I’m on vacation. Two: Nothing compares to the horrors of the 7 train on a work morning. Trust me.

Hopefully that gives you a little background to my picks today!


I’m going to go with something general here: the lack of progress. For your enjoyment, a list:

  • Monorails are down a lot. This doesn’t affect me too much because I don’t stay in Magic Kingdom resorts, so when I do use them it’s for Magic Kingdom to Epcot, and vice versa. Because monorails serve an important purpose as being the main transportation in this area and area also so important to the history of the parks, they need the TLC. (Obviously, this isn’t so easy because this would have to include a lot of time without them but I’m sure they can figure it out if it means for smoother transportation options, right?)
  • How about technology tie-ins? We have all of these apps in metro areas that give us detailed timetables of when we can expect buses, subways, trains, etc. I would love to see Disney use My Disney Experience in that way, as well.
  • I want to add in more feasible walkways and riding paths here. This, again, is difficult because Walt Disney World is surrounded by a ton of busy roads. Safety first, totally, but it’s also very green to give more thought to this when creating new resorts, and also expanding them. Some of my favorite ways of “transportation” are my walks to and from Epcot via the Boardwalk, and I love that there is a bike path between Saratoga and Downtown Disney. This promotes healthy lifestyles and more attention to being environmentally friendly.

Monorail over Grand Floridian in WDW April 2014


How about more “bring back from the dead”? Does that work for Refurb? For my post, it does. I only went to the Magic Kingdom a few times when the Skyway was around. It’s been one of my favorite activities since I was a little kid going to the beach with my parents, and I was so thrilled to see one in the World. But then it went away. I would LOVE to see this come back in some kind of capacity. Maybe not back to Magic Kingdom. I think it’s a bit too crowded with New Fantasyland but how about connecting the two sides of Future World or Future World to World Showcase? Maybe it’s a little over the top but it’s a creative way to get around the parks that I would love to see brought back.


Friendship Boats at the Boardwalk Resort in WDW

Friendship boats. Maybe they remind me of some great vacations with my family and friends but nothing beats traveling on a Friendship boat, even if you aren’t actually going to a park. I love picking it up before the sun goes down from Hollywood Studios or after a nice meal at the Flying Fish, only to head over to Epcot to see Illuminations at the end of the night. Sometimes their crowded and not always the fastest, but for me, vacation is always about the water. I love that this is an option and wish there were more waterway options were applicable all over the resort.

Can’t wait to hear your picks! Thanks for joining this round of Kill Refurb Marry!

No need to wait for the monorail… run over to Mouse on the Mind for her picks + the rest of the hoppers!

7 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Transportation

  1. I can see how the Friendship boats would be nice if you’re just looking to relax. For me, when I’ve taken them I’ve been waiting to actually get somewhere and I just end up frustrated with how slow and crowded they are.

  2. Killing was so hard this time around wasn’t it? All of the methods of transportation at WDW have their moments of frustration, and pretty much everything could be improved.

    I love the friendship boats too, but they almost went under my refurb. I’m all for a leisurely boat ride, but sometimes it is TOO hot and stuffy on the inside. I feel trapped!

  3. I love the idea of connecting parts of EPCOT with a transportation system. Disney’s too cheap to do it, but it would really add to the “future” part of Future World. I used to love the Skyway at the Magic Kingdom. It gave such an interesting view of the parks.

  4. This is exactly why I love the Epcot resorts a lot more than the monorail ones: transportation. It’s so easy to spend time at them and walk from one hotel to another, it was great even when we had someone who didn’t want to go into the parks but still wanted to go different places for dinner. I feel like that area with the boats and walkways was just really well planned out.

    I also do get the general sense that the monorail needs some major upkeep, hence my love of taking what I think of as the Wonkatania boats to/from the Polynesian to the Magic Kingdom when I eat at the hotel.

    In Epcot, what I’d really like to see are more shady areas in the World Showcase. I love walking around, but the sun makes it insanely hot. SHADE would be amazing.

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