Simple Moments: The Sound of Silence

By Thursday you might need that final boost to get you through the week. I think today’s SIMPLE MOMENTS post can accomplish just that. KJ shares a quiet moment in Epcot, sitting beside a stranger. I love it because it almost reminds me of that Pixar short where the old man is playing chess against himself. Sometimes no dialogue says so much. Thanks for joining us, KJ. Enjoy everybody! -emh

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So many of the best moments happen when we take a break from the frenzy, and just…sit. This was one such moment.

I’ve long been fascinated with the water features around the Imagination Pavilion- the reverse waterfall, the jumping fountains, the tiny round “spitters” hiding near the back… all intriguing to me. The terrace area next to the pavilion is often uncrowded, and there’s usually a spot on the benches for weary guests. This is one of those nostalgic Disney places for me- not because I spent much time here as child, but more because it gives me a feeling of the Epcot of days gone by.  It’s one of my very favorite places to just sit.

Imagination Pavilion at Epcot with Plus the Magic


A while back, I found myself alone on a sweltering summer day, with an hour or so before I had to meet up with my companions. I grabbed an icy cold beer, and headed over to the concrete-sided benches near the jumping fountains. There was an older man on a nearby bench, who seemed to have the same idea as me. The two of us sat in silence, just watching the water and gazing out at the passersby below.  We were soon joined by two children, who came bounding up, mesmerized by the dancing water streams. They spent about 15 minutes there, watching, running, reaching, trying to figure out the magic. Pure joy.  Their interest waned and they wandered off, and the man and I sat alone again, in silence. I reflected on how peaceful I felt in that quiet moment, and the beauty of my surroundings. After a while, the sun shifted, my drink was gone, and it was almost time for me to join my friends. Before getting up, I thought to myself, “This spot is… beautiful”. A few seconds later, the man on the other bench spoke, for the first time since I sat down: “This spot IS beautiful”, he said.

Had I spoken out loud? No, I was certain I hadn’t. But somehow, we shared that same thought, we shared those benches, and we shared that simple moment.

Spitters at Epcot in Walt Disney World

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