Muppet Monday: Sharpay vs. Miss Piggy

I had a crazy Saturday where I ate cheese and watched High School Musical 2. In case you forgot, that’s the one where the kids from the first HSM movie are working at a country club owned by the parents of Sharpay and Ryan Evans — the musically talented and weirdly close siblings. Sharpay is blond, gorgeous, and used to being the queen of the school in a bit of a bullying way. At the end of High School Musical, viewers are almost tricked into thinking she is turning over a new leaf but nope. A few months later, she schemed to steal the star basketball player from the new girl at school by demanding that the country club manager does whatever it takes to get him a job there.

Why couldn’t she just invite him to hang out for the summer? Oh, that would be too too easy.

Anyway. Her first big musical number in the movie is “Fabulous” — complete with backup dancers, more pink than you ever wanted to see, and the gorgeous backdrop of Utah. (Seriously, it’s gorgeous.)

I couldn’t help but think this was a page taken out of Miss Piggy’s book, right? She might not want to be caught dead in the hills of Utah instead of the Hollywood Hills but I could very well see Piggy lounging in a pool chair, imagining the world waiting on her hand and foot. Or hoof? Of course, she would be in love with a green frog but I think you get the idea.

Miss Piggy vs Sharpay Evans
(I do not own either of these pictures.)

Sharpay and Piggy have more than that in common. They don’t have any real girlfriends; their best confidant is a tiny dog. They are used to bossing everyone around and getting what they want – mostly. They can’t seem to get the man (or frog) of their dreams, and they are constantly trying to convince people that they are the biggest and best star in the world.

Their desire to be at the top casts them as the villain in more than one instance, and whatever lengths they go to in their movie, their diva-licious persistence picks right up in their next appearance.

So who is the diva-est of them all? I’m not sucking up in the least bit but Piggy still takes the cake. (Though I’m not sure if that makes her a true winner exactly.) Because Sharpay is still young, I do think she wants to be friends with these guys (as freaky as she thinks they are) because she doesn’t want to end up alone. In each of her movies, there’s always a point where she realizes that despite her behavior, everyone else does want to accept her and be her pal. For Piggy, not so much. Other than Kermit, she mostly stands on her own and doesn’t back down for anything. Even if she does wear the diva crown, maybe she could take a lesson from Sharpay sometime in the future.

As for right now, I’m dreaming of a future duet between Ashley Tisdale and Piggy. I think it would be — you guessed it — fabulous.

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