Muppet Monday: Be Our Guest Star

Fall is such a great season because of pretty leaves, the return of scarves and beloved sweaters, and pumpkins everywhere! But one of the best parts of all is the return of your favorite TV shows after a summer of repeats. With us getting back into more of a TV watching routine and less of a baseball watching one, I thought I would make a top 5 list of shows I would love to see the Muppets guest star on.

Are we ready?

1. The Goldbergs: No brainer, really. The show is on ABC and it’s set in the 80s (hello, great time for the Muppets) plus the entire sitcom has great heart. I laugh throughout each zany episode and end up almost in tears with each sweet ending. The Goldbergs feels like the return to a family show and it’s so sweet how Adam F. Goldberg wrote a show inspired by his own family. (Fun fact: Adam also assisted with the screenplay writing for The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz. Not a favorite but at least he has some experience with these guys?)

The Goldbergs ABC

2. Dancing with the Stars: As much as I try to quit this show, I can’t. I love the dancers, I love the choreography, and there is always one celebrity I end up liking more than I did at the beginning and following religiously. The Muppets couldn’t necessarily partake as official contestants but I would love for Miss Piggy to guest judge, see The Electric Mayhem Band play a song, and get Kermit to join forces with host Tom Bergeron (since they already know each other quite well).

3. Nashville: Again, ABC show! Music! Kermit plays the banjo. Okay fine, I know this one is a total stretch and makes no sense but the show is so dramatically delicious — it could work! Piggy vs. Juliette Barnes? Kermit competing for Raina’s affections? Perhaps a sweet duet between the Stella Sisters and a cute Muppet? THIS SHOW COULD USE A LITTLE LIGHTHEARTEDNESS.

4. Saturday Night Live: Bring the Muppets back to THEIR ROOTS. (Read Jim Henson: The Biography for the full story.) They were on most recently with Jason Segel for the opening monologue but how about guest starring? Working behind the scenes? Anything to spice up this show that I rarely tune into anymore.

5. Naked and Afraid: Men and women pair up to survive in the elements. Oh god, I can’t believe this is what television is coming to these days (how old do I sound) but um, the Muppets fit in here perfectly. Hello! Most of them are already naked. I’m sure they can survive in the wilderness if they can drive a car and launch a Broadway show in a few months, right? RIGHT?

As my very intelligent husband says: “Let’s face it. The Muppets would be great on anything!” He’s right but this gal can still dream, right?

One thought on “Muppet Monday: Be Our Guest Star

  1. I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, but you’re right that The Muppets would be perfect for that. Miss Piggy would be the best judge ever for that show. Her sass would be so deliciously ridiculous on that show. I’d even watch an episode just to see that.

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