Kill Refurb Marry: Food & Wine Festival Booths

Kill Refurb Marry

I had such a blast reading entries for last month’s TRANSPORTATION-themed Kill Refurb Marry so I am just as excited to see how creative and opinionated everyone is with this month’s. I love Food & Wine festival. It the first time of year I ever went to the parks with my husband, and it just gave me more of a reason to love Epcot. Years later, I’ve noticed just how much more crowded the event makes the park. While visiting last year I was so turned off by the wall-to-wall people, I opted to not make it much of a priority. I’ll be back again this year though (and who knows I might not be for a few years after this) so we’ll see how I fare this time around. I do love me some small dishes.

The only picture I took resembling "signage" during F&W last year.
The only picture I took resembling “signage” during F&W last year.

Let’s see…


F&W kiosks for countries already part of World Showcase: This is one thing I never understood. Why have kiosks for countries that already have a food bar or an actual sit-down restaurant? Isn’t this about expanding beyond what’s already there? Perhaps adding a new dish to the quick service spots would be a way to make up for taking away this kiosks but I’m just not sure why these spaces can’t be filled with a more eclectic location.


Hops + Barley / The Brewer’s Collection: There was a conversation on Twitter this weekend about how Disney could make a killing if they brewed and sold their own craft beer. While that would be a dream come true, how about the next best thing? More variety. More local beers. It is true that the beer selection seems to expand every year but it’s upsetting to me that this area of Food & Wine doesn’t go outside of the box much. Sam Adams? Eh. I can get that anywhere. I want to try something new. Disney has a great opportunity to really blow the festival wide open in this area and I hope they take that plunge someday, though I am  satisfied to see the Odyssey craft beer takeover added.


Desserts and Champagne kiosk: Despite my beer obsession, I do love me some bubbly. AND DESSERTS, HELLO! I am currently going through withdrawal because I know there is no gelato in my freezer and I ate the last of my sour watermelon candies this afternoon. But I digress. I can’t pass this one up. In fact, I think it was my last stop on my trip last November when I missed my Magical Express. (True story.) I cannot cannot wait to try that trio. YUM.

Food and Wine Champagne and Desserts 2008
Ancient picture from 2008. I miss that bag. I still have that dress. (What a combo.)


This is my “I can’t wait to try” category. I’m so thankful for great recaps from people like Sarah at Eating WDW because she definitely sold me on all the dishes at Puerto Rico. I can’t wait to see this kiosk in person and omg every single thing on that menu looks delicious. Do you think if I asked nicely she would mail me some flancocho before I get there?

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to check out Mouse on the Mind and more of the Kill Refurb Marry participants!

7 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Food & Wine Festival Booths

  1. I’m very excited for Puerto Rico this year. I find Food and Wine to be unbearable on a Saturday afternoon, but go on a Sunday morning starting when World Showcase opens and we’ve gotten to every booth and didn’t wait on a single line. I’m also partial to having a tray and collecting a bunch of things to sample then finding a table with some shade and sitting down to enjoy everything.

    If I were killing one thing about food and wine it’d be the lack of extra tables and even chairs to sit and enjoy your food and drink. I hate standing and scarfing down food.

  2. I saw that picture with KRaut in my Feedly preview and though I was reading FFF for a second; this is why I briefly reacted to the first paragraph with “HOLD UP. Did Katherine get married yesterday?!” Everything makes way more sense now.

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