Meet My Muppet Family | Muppet Monday

We were out this weekend with some lovely friends who interrupted my story at one point to say: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I just can’t picture your dad without thinking of Beaker.”

This made us all chuckle a bit; this wasn’t the first time we’ve said this about my dad. And honestly? I have no idea why. He isn’t the unfortunate sidekick to crazy scientific experiments, he says more than “meep! meep!” (although not much more), and he does not have red hair. But none of that stopped my sister from making this collage.

Dad as Beaker for Muppet Monday

Okay, so he does kind of look like him. Personality wise?? Statler or Waldorf without as many great jokes??? Oh man, this post will prove to me that my family is reading this serious journalism I’m letting loose on the internet. Now I’m going to talk about which Muppets are like my mom and my sister. Get excited, friends. GET EXCITED.

My mother is very talkative, super personable, and the hardest worker in the world. We all know there aren’t many female Muppets (let’s fix this) so I think my mom is a combination of Scooter, who does a great job behind the scenes of The Muppet Show, and also Beauregard, who is the Muppet janitor… he’s a pretty dependable guy (who can clean a theater or drive an entire train). Truth be told, my mom is more successful at tasks compared to Beauregard. On the other hand, you always want to hug Beauregard and I like hugging my mom. (Only partly because she smells like the Norway pavilion.)

So what about my sister? She’s younger, artistic, and much more of a free spirit than I am. This wasn’t so hard. Laurie is definitely a Janice. It is not about my sister’s singing skills (I’m pretty positive neither of us have that) but, like Janice, my sister has great hair and a very peace & love personality. Plus she used to play a mean flute so… she’s totally musical!Do

I am now picturing the Muppets new feature film: a road trip with Beaker, Scooter/Beauregard, and Janice with Kermit (duh, that’s me) at the realm. Would it be a disaster? A laugh? Better than The Muppets? Whatever the case, it has zany family fun all over it. For sure! (I hope Beaker is ready to wear some plaid.)

Sidenote: could this movie include a cover? Maybe not Queen but how about The Beatles? Okay! Done.

3 thoughts on “Meet My Muppet Family | Muppet Monday

    I find it an honor to be a Beaker. We nerds stick together thru thick and thin. Anyway a great blog as usual. How bout James?

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