Stop Smoking, Beaker! | Muppet Monday

Yesterday we barely made it to 60 degrees in New York City, and this morning, it’s going to be less than 46 degrees.

Is it time to pull out the winter jacket?

Well… maybe not. But maybe it’s time to bring out the Nose Warmer. If only if it wasn’t one of Dr. Honeydew’s inventions.

Where the future is made today… and another example of Honeydew and Beaker never learning their lessons.



I had an idea for another Muppet movie when I was rewatching this. (Disney, call me!) What if all the Muppets switched roles and suddenly Beaker was the inventor and Honeydew was the trusty sidekick who got tricked into too many horrible experiments? It would be pretty wacky and hysterical to see that kind of swap, right? How about Janice as Miss Piggy? Rowlf as Foo-Foo? Kermit as Scooter? Gonzo as Sam the Eagle? OMG. That last one made me giggle.

Well, back to the nose warmer. I could use one of those but perhaps I’ll stick to doubling up on scarfs or covering my face with my fluffy gloves. That is, until Honeydew makes this one actually work (or Beaker secretly fixes it because we all know he’s a genius. Shhh!).

Hope you all stay warm this week! Happy Muppet Monday!

One thought on “Stop Smoking, Beaker! | Muppet Monday

  1. My mom had a nose warmer in high school. Looked like a tiny knit cone that tied to your face. At first that’s what I thought you were talking about, but thankfully Honeydew put a happier thought to those words.

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