Hanging with the Big Top Boys

Big thanks to Katherine for helping me out of this strange (temporary?) blog funk I’m in. Do you ever just have no idea what to write about but you know you want to write something? That’s me tonight. I suppose I could write about the Sorcerer Hat leaving Hollywood Studios but after this great post from Zannaland, I don’t think I have much to add to the blog world about it. This is definitely a positive in the quiet life of DHS but I am hoping the changes that come after January are positive ones. (Don’t hurt my Muppets!)


I’ve written before that I never actually liked character meet and greets when I should have been the age where they were “acceptable”. What is acceptable anyway? You have grown men walking around with Goofy hats and moms in Mickey Crocs… I think it’s save to say nothing is off limits when you are on vacation in a Disney Park. I mean, that’s why we go, isn’t it?

In the past few years, I have a new found appreciation for meeting characters. Maybe I’m more comfortable with my inner-nerd, who knows? Maybe I just like to hug furry things and talk to characters who aren’t going to talk to me back. It’s such an easy relationship! Especially when they are fun, and if you have ever stopped to visit the famous pals at Pete’s Silly Sideshow Meet and Greet in Storybook Circus.

During our very delightful Magic Kingdom day before the Wine & Dine half marathon last year, Katherine and I headed over and snapped some shots with The Great Goofini and The Amazing Donaldo. I have to say… it was very sweet how everyone around us kept wanting to take joint shots of us with Goofy and Donald, but Katherine and I needed a little solo time… because they were practically fighting over us.

I have no idea what The Amazing Donaldo was trying to accomplish. But I do feel like we had a very Dawson’s Creek moment at one point. Not sure if I won that fight or not… (I think he took Katherine on a magic carpet ride.)

Clearly, Goofy and I did not have the same connection that he had with Katherine.

Aren’t these fun? I never thought a meet & greet would be a must-stop for me on a vacation or I would call THIS my favorite spot in Storybook Circus. (I do also like the bathroom very much.) I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of crazy antics ensues the next time I stop in and say hello to Pete’s Silly Sideshow.

Any other meet and greets I should stop in? Please share!

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