Making Your WDW Trip More Muppety | Muppet Monday

I have vacation on the brain.

Forgive me!

Today’s probing question: how do you make your trip more Muppety without seeing MuppetVision 3D at least 10 times in four days? (My condolences to MuppetVision in Disneyland, which closed this weekend. I hope this isn’t goodbye forever.)

I’m thinking you can find Muppet goodness anywhere anytime so here are a few of my suggestions to make the most out of your next trip to Walt Disney World:

  1. If you haven’t already booked your airfare and made all your arrangements, there’s always the road trip, traveling by map, and fighting those forks in the road (all to a catchy soundtrack).
  2. On the other hand, if you are hopping on a plane you might not want to relive that early scene of The Great Muppet Caper but if you want to be Muppet-entic… maybe baggage seats would save you some bucks.
  3. Check into your hotel and get right on schedule. It’s the American way.
  4. Take in the live musical offerings. Fans of the the Electric Mayhem Band might want to listen in at the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot. No one can rock like the Mayhem band but British Revolution sure is close.
  5. Make ’em laugh. No one seems to agree with my love of Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom but how else are we going to bring back Fozzie some pointers? He needs those wakka wakkas!
  6. Go shopping. Miss Piggy said so. Like The Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney, or maybe the fancy shops in The Grand Floridian Resort.
  7. Relive what could have been. Check out The Great Movie Ride and reminisce about the Muppet version of this attraction that we never got. (It still makes me emotional.)
  8. Check out Star Tours. George Lucas and Jim Henson worked together countless times; it’s only right to take a flight into space. Bonus if you head over to Indiana Jones’ Stunt Spectacular. Jim was in the park when George was finalizing that show. (See all the fun stuff you would pick up if you read Jim Henson: The Biography?)
  9. Line up for a chat and a picture with Tiana, and ask her all about her frog prince. Kermit will be glad you checked in on his distant cousin.
  10. End your trip with a bang. Make a stop in Animal Kingdom’s Harambe and channel YOUR inner Animal when tap tap tapping on those African drums. (Stay out of trouble though, ya hear?)

Did I miss anything for the Muppety-est trip EVER? (I’m just making up words now.)

Muppety WDW Vacation

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