Frightful or Delightful?

This weekend marks the fourth time I’ve been to Walt Disney World during the second weekend of November. You would think I have inside knowledge about what to expect weather wise, right? As I was packing this weekend, clothes thrown all over the place, I realized I have absolutely no idea. Last November, my makeup melted off every single day and the other two November visits were warm during the day and super cool at night. (We went back to our hotel and changed into jeans and hoodies for our evening festivities.)

Maybe last year’s crazy humidity and summer weather was only a novelty?

Here’s what I’m up against this weekend:

November Walt Disney World Weather

The nights look chilly! Last year, I got away with forgetting a jacket and wearing a sundress when we closed Magic Kingdom one night. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case this time.

So what’s my plan? This is not fool proof BUT:

  • Pack the jeans. It’s less painful this way. Just do it.
  • Layer up. T-shirts, hoodies, and my trusty jean jacket to wear over the cute dresses I am still bringing.
  • Sandals? Yes. But slip on canvas sneakers too.
  • Keep checking the weather. In the past 3 days, it’s changed so significantly. I can’t keep up.
  • Remind yourself that Florida will feel warmer than wherever you are coming from.
  • Pack the bathing suit anyway. I need to swim in the Nemo pool!

I think the real problem when it becomes to fluctuating fall weather is the possibility of overpacking. No one wants to over-pack when they are hanging out in an airport alone and have to lug all their belongings with them anywhere they stop. My trip is relatively short — four days — and I don’t like to check luggage for these long weekend trips. I tend to make a huge mess of my bedroom, try on everything I own, and fit it all in a tiny little bag. So far, so good.

It doesn’t seem to matter the time of year, I always find a way to overthink when it comes to traveling. I’m actually not even sure if any of this is good advice. I haaaate not knowing what to expect exactly, and mostly, the thought of leaving something necessary at home drives me up a wall. (Good news: unlike last year, I already have my contacts case packed.)

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