45 Years of Sunny Days | Muppet Monday

Good morning! Hope you guys are doing well!

Muppet Monday is back in action, and I’m excited to share a few pictures from the Sesame Street exhibit currently going strong at the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts. They’re celebrating the 45th anniversary of the groundbreaking children’s show in a big way — sharing artifacts, history, Muppets, music, and more in a free event. It’s around until January 31, 2015 so I sincerely hope you take a few hours to check it out.

Somebody Come and Play at New York Public Library: Sesame Street Exhibit

Since Jim Henson played an integral part in the birth of Sesame Street, there were a ton of mentions of him. (Some great pictures and video footage too.) But I thought since it’s Monday and we’re all tired, I would share some of the highlights of the entire exhibit: actual Muppets. All three of these were created from Jim’s designs, and you probably know them very well.

As my husband said: “Big Bird is really BIG.” Yes, yes he is. There’s also a fantastic little part of the exhibit where you can touch the different materials used to make the Muppets and Big Bird is also very, very soft. I wouldn’t mind a hug from that guy.

It’s great to see Bert and Ernie looking so happy and the detail of their space was great with Bert’s bottle cap collection and some pigeon-themed journals. I had forgotten all about the bottle caps! (My husband: “He is such a geek!” Ahem. So are we, honey.)

Aren’t those fun?

Stay turned from more exhibit goodies in the coming weeks as we continue to celebrate 45 years of Sesame Street!

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