It’s Time to Give the Gifts | Muppet Monday

Happy Cyber Monday! Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

I truly believe that one day before I am old and gray I will be putting together a Muppet gift guide, completely overwhelmed with all the options. It is another year where I’m hoping this list is praised for quality and not exactly quantity. Of course, some highlights have been Muppets Most Wanted hitting the stores, as well as the fantastic Muppet Character Encyclopedia from Craig Shemin and DK Publishing. But if you are on the lookout for more unique items for the Muppet fan in your life, I urge you to check these out:

This Happy Place Blog's Annual Muppet Gift Guide 2014

1. Muppet Most Wanted Figurine Set (Disney Store): Okay, maybe this isn’t Fozzie’s best side but I’ve seen this collection in the store and the figurines are super well-made. I want a mini-Constantine!

2. Kermit the Frog Watch (Disney/Amazon): Prepare yourself the next time you are in the presence of your idol. “You’re on my watch!”

3. Henson’s Place DVD (Amazon): If you want to know more about the man behind the Muppets, I can’t recommend this documentary enough.

4. Muppet Character Encyclopedia (DK Publishing/Amazon): Have I talked your ear off about this book yet? Perfect for the seasoned Muppet fan or the newbies. Great pictures, fun jokes, and surely a Muppet to fit every personality.

5. Flight of the Eagle T-Shirt (Threadless): Threadless is great in general for awesome pop culture shirts, but if you are looking to inject a bit of the American spirit in your life, nothing better than Sam the Eagle across your chest. (Threadless also has women’s sizes & I am so grateful for that.)

6. Keep Calm & Movin’ Right Along Poster (Etsy): Subtle Muppet decor at its best.

7. Rainbow Connection (Society 6): Society 6 has so many talented artists creating Muppet beauties so I definitely suggest you search on the site. Isn’t this one gorgeous though?

Don’t forget to revisit my Muppet Gift Guides from 2013 + 2012 for all your shopping conveniences!

Happy shopping, friends!

One of my online shopping tips is always logging into eBates before purchasing on the web. Most stores have a cash back percentage when you successfully buy an item or two on a website and you end up with a lovely check in the mail a few weeks later. (I’ve been on a crazy budget lately but I recently received a check for $15.) If you are interested in checking it out, I’m providing my referral link. (No pressure, seriously!)

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Give the Gifts | Muppet Monday

  1. This is such a great gift guide, the Kermit watch looks so cool.
    I missed the Muppets Most Wanted in the cinema, saw the The Muppets film and loved it, so I’ll have to get it on DVD when it’s out.

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