Not Christmas Without John | Muppet Monday

Greetings, everyone!

Listening to John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together album is one of our most important holiday traditions. (In fact, I’m happy to hear that Starbucks has been playing a few of these selections in their store this year. How fun is that?) Anyway… I was perusing another gem this weekend: Imagination Illustrated — a great book featuring Jim Henson’s journal entries and fantastic photos, art, promotional materials, and more.

There’s a two-page spread dedicated to the teaming up of between John Denver and  Jim Henson. Below, I screen-captured the page which includes a letter John wrote to Jim detailing the songs he was hoping to use in the 1979 holiday special they were putting together. (His writing is a bit difficult to read but I think you’ll get the gist.) Mostly, I adore how excited he was to collaborate on this particular project.

John Denver and the Muppets A Christmas Together in Imagination Illustrated

As you can see, in the note John points out “The Peace Carol” as a long that Jim hasn’t heard before. Neither had I until this album.

Most surprising to me is how much Scooter is a part of this song. It’s nice to see him in the spotlight, as all the others gather round on the couch. (Watching this makes me wish even harder for a traditional holiday special with the Muppets. Fingers crossed Santa can make this happen sometime in not too distant future. Or, hey, I would be more than satisfied to see this particular holiday special re-aired on television. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?)

John Denver and the Muppets A Christmas Together in Imagination Illustrated 2

It’s so easy to get stressed this time of year with present shopping and figuring out where you will be spending the holiday and what you will be cooking or baking but this song is a gentle reminder to embrace this time of year and remember the peace and the light. I’m glad to revisit it year after year, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

One thought on “Not Christmas Without John | Muppet Monday

  1. That is always one of my favorite Christmas albums! I found it on CD back in the early 1990s, and I have fond memories of watching the special on TV as a kid. I know they showed it on the Disney Channel sometime several years back, but I do wish they would show it again, as you said. It would be great to see it again! And Muppet Family Christmas, too!

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