Saving the Day| Buddy the Elf Returns

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrr… when Melissa of Rolling with the Magic and I team up to Buddy-ify our blogs. This is always so much fun. Last year, Buddy played blogger and commented on the state of the parks and the year before that, Melissa stopped in with our fav elf to talk about his own park itinerary during the holidays.

So what is this happy elf who looks great in green bringing to This Happy Place Blog this year?

Our friend Buddy is taking some of the top complaints from seasoned Disney theme park travelers and magically making them better. Maybe he is up for Meg Crofton’s replacement? We’ll see…

Do you dread the Disney theme park bus transportation? The strollers? The noise? The lateness? Let’s not even bring up the monorails that are always breaking down. Should you just rent a car already?

Buddy the Elf Disney World Santa's Sleigh

Buddy’s answer: If Christmas spirit can make Santa’s sleigh ride, imagine what a little Disney spirit could do for theme park transportation. (I guess this is better than walking through the Lincoln Tunnel.)

Are you unhappy with the lack of new attractions that have been rolling out in parks lately? Do you cringe when you hear a new restaurant or souvenir shop is opening?

Buddy’s answer: The best attraction is always a revolving door.

Starbucks can’t be our savior all the time. We can’t plan when we need a caffeine boost. What if we have no choice but to have a crappy cup of coffee instead of the best coffee in the world?

Buddy the Elf Disney World Maple Syrup

Buddy’s answer: Maple syrup makes everything taste better.

Are you not into Avatarland but still irritated it’s going to be years before we get this expansion? Why in the name of Santa’s reindeer did it take so long for them to finish New Fantasyland? Wouldn’t be nice if these “new” sights took only 2 years to create?

Buddy the Elf Avatarland Disney World

Buddy’s answer: Hire Santa’s elves on the off-season! They have an impressive work ethic with only 45 minutes of sleep. (Estelle note: I don’t want to bring this up but Buddy could supply the best paper snowflakes ever for anything Frozen-themed.)

Ah, I love writing these! What problems do you want to see Buddy the Elf to solve in the parks?

Can his spirit change the world? Oh, I totally think so.

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