Muppet Actually | Muppet Monday

I’m dreaming… not of a white christmas exactly but of a holiday mash-up between two of my must-see flicks of this season: The Muppets Christmas Carol (duh) and Love Actually.

Why these two?

Take a look at this clip from The Muppet Christmas Carol:

Let’s focus on Bean Bunny in the beginning of this clip. He’s poor. He’s obviously aggravating Scrooge, and well, did he not know who was going to open the door when he knocked on it? All he wanted to do was spread some holiday cheer and he gets a heavy door slammed in his cute little face. Sigh. Poor little buddy.

Switching gears to Love Actually, if you remember, Hugh Grant does a little caroling as well in his role as Prime Minister. True, this is odd since he is Prime Minister and why the heck is he out caroling? He’s looking for his ex-employee because he realizes he likes her. It totally makes sense to visit her street during the holidays and pretend to be caroling.

In this clip right here (I can’t embed it), you will see that Hugh was inspired by Bean’s performance and sang the same exact song. But instead of being met with anger, he gets three adorable little girls dancing until they drop and even his bodyguard chimes in. (That part is the best.) As you can see, the poor bunny gets the shaft in this scenario.

What if Bean and Hugh switched places? Could Bean finally be a winner?

The end product might not be as epic as this:

But hey, a girl can dream.

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