Cup of Kindness at Disneyland | Muppet Monday

Three more sleeps until Christmas. Can you believe it?

I can’t. Another thing I can’t believe is the new video of Kermit the Frog singing “It Feels Like Christmas” at Disneyland.

I mean, I’m me, so I’m totally thrilled but I’m also thinking: well, you just decided to close the MuppetVision attraction at California Adventure and then you have the nerve to call up the most famous frog in the world and ask him to come down and film a song? Well, business is business and Christmas is Christmas.

We know Kermit is a classy amphibian so it’s not a shock he agreed to do this. (How cool is it that this video is brand, brand new though? See? The Muppets and this movie matter!)

As much as I love every single tune in The Muppet Christmas Carol, this one holds a special place in my heart. It’s all about this line:

It is the season of the spirit.
A message if we hear it
is make it last all year.

Check out our top frog rocking a great holiday scarf. (I’m jealous of the guy who touches him, and the other who takes a selfie. Sigh.)
from Oh My Disney

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to our own Christmas Eve tradition: our annual The Muppet Christmas Carol watch. If you want to impress with your friends and family with all the little tid-bits you know about this film, I suggest you check out this great Buzzfeed article on it. (Most popular questions I’ve gotten lately is why “When Love Is Gone” is on the soundtrack but not on the Bluray release.)

As always, enjoy your Monday & let’s take a cue from the frog and keep the spirit alive, okay?

Happy almost Christmas, Muppet friends!


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