Hark! A Happy (& Busy) 2014

Here we are again. Another pesky year comes to an end. It’s difficult to sum up an entire year when you are in denial that it’s just about finished, and a new one will be starting. 2014 has definitely been an interesting one: full of new experiences, lots of change, and, as always, many lessons learned: blogging and real-life wise. I wouldn’t be Estelle if I didn’t think about the purpose of THP, if blogging is still fun, and how exactly I can knock the socks off my readers (the ones who aren’t my parents) with something fun and unique.

On one hand, I’m happy to say that navigating the internet is still challenging but on the other, sometimes it feels too hard especially when it is not your number 1 priority anymore. So, more than anything, I want to say thank you for sticking around, reading my words, looking at my pictures, and taking a moment or two to comment, tweet, and follow me in any capacity. There’s a great song I love from a Broadway show called “[title of show]” and it perfectly sums up how I feel about this whole experience.

I would rather be nine people’s favorite thing than 100 people’s 9th favorite thing.

It’s totally true.

France Pavilion Constantine Takeover April 2014

To celebrate the big 2014, here are 14 of the posts I hold near and dear from this year (I’m a poet!):

→ As much as we super plan trips, it’s impossible for them to always go the way we want them to. I touched upon that after our first trip of 2014.

→ I dream big when it comes to Muppets & Disney World synergy. Here’s a brainstorm for Wonders of Life in Epcot & a Muppet Labs takeover.

→ If I want to transport myself from NYC to sunny Orlando, listening to the sounds from Harambe is just the ticket. (My affection for Animal Kingdom is getting dangerous.)

→ I had a blast writing this fictional gossip column about the Disney characters, and I doubly wish it had gotten more attention and I kept up with them. Hey, there’s always next year… er, tomorrow.

→ So great to visit some Walt Disney history right in my own backyard with the World’s Fair Anniversary festival.

→ The Mr. had some free time & wrote this inventive post about the Norway pavilion and heavy metal music.

Girl Meets World re-introduces the world to some of my most beloved television characters and I chat about my lasting love of television.

Newsies decides to hit the road after a successful Broadway run, and I share all the unexpected joy the show brought into my life.

→ For the first time ever, I dust off photos from my first & only trip to Disneyland. Eek, that hair! Those clothes!

→ I fell in love with a book. What else is new? But it’s about time traveling to the REAL TRUE River Country. Read it; love it.

→ Gotta wet your whistle somehow. I list the most spirited places on WDW property. Cheers!

→ Derek Jeter retires & a beloved attraction at World Showcase closes. What do you do when everything you’ve known changes?

→ Lesley Ann Warren, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella in the flesh… with a Muppet twist. (Of course!)

Big 14: Jim Henson biographer Brian Jay Jones stops in to chat about writing the book, researching, and Jim Henson’s legacy.

Henson Company This Happy Place Tweet
Nothing is ever going to top this.

I also can’t forget the awesome continuation of Kill Refurb Marry with my co-host Mouse on the Mind, my Wine & Dine planning feature with the incredibly sweet and fun Alex of Practically Imperfect, the introduction of the Simple Moments series, and, most excitedly, the guest writing from new additions to the THP family: Alan , Q, and Dan.

I’m so grateful for those I’ve spent time with this year because of this silly blog, the ones who take the time to invest time to go beyond this Disney obsession and embark on friendship. It truly is the best reward. So here’s to another year of getting to know each other, deciphering why these places mean so much to us, and, of course, having our own space to complain about the insignificant things while loving something like mad.

Wishing you good health, fun adventures, and, yes I’ll go there, more than a little bit of magic. Thank you for making THP a stop along the way.

Estelle and Mickey and Minnie in Animal Kingdom Nov 2014

Psst. In case you missed it, I summarized 2014 for The Muppets (plus I’m hosting a thank you giveaway) and graded this year’s park experiences.

Happy New Year!


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