G is for Goodbye | Muppet Monday

A few weeks ago, we went to a Muppet event at the Museum of the Moving Image (shocker, right?) featuring Sesame Street parodies. I never realized how many parodies have actually come out of Sesame Street and I was even more surprised to see the one I’m going to talk about today. It definitely proves how “with it” these Sesame Street geniuses are.

This Friday, Glee will have its final season premiere. The show has gone on for six seasons, and while I wasn’t an avid viewer from the beginning (much to the shock of many friends), I found myself slowly getting into it: enough to binge watching the first two seasons while simultaneously working out in our garage of our then-house. Sure, it was always a little squeaky clean but I could never deny that the performances were stellar. To this day, I love a good mash-up and I’m sure that’s all because of Glee.

Glee Season 1

I think Jim Henson would have probably known to end before something that was so good lost direction. Even when The Muppet Show was at the height of its fame and celebrities were dying to guest star, Jim was already thinking of his next project. Creator Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) is kind of like that too but the big difference is: he never put a cap on Glee. When the show returns this week, the characters who recently graduated from high school will mostly fail in New York City and find themselves back home before they could even get a chance to really live outside of Lima, Ohio. It’s weird, it makes no sense, and this strange lack of consistency and the inability to truly grasp these characters I thought I knew so well in the first few seasons is exactly what made me stop watching.

I remember pretty vividly biting my tongue through an entire episode where yet another couple was getting together on the merry-go-round of relationships and how some of the best actors were so underutilized. I specifically remembering turning to my husband during that last show I watched and saying: “Cory Monteith is a really strong actor. What is he doing on this show still?” Not to dig myself more into this tangent, but Cory’s tragic death  still fills with me disbelief. How can someone who so alive be gone? His passing truly impacted the show and the infrequent amount of times I checked in on it in the last year was because I was curious. How could they move forward? (I think they moved sideways instead.)

Anyway, it’s with a bittersweet heart that a show with so much potential ends with a shortened season this year. It’s hard to say what would have happened with new writers had taken over, if Cory had not had passed away, and if maybe, just maybe, they decided to go out on top. Their legacy deserves so much more because, just like the Muppets, Glee is a show that proves a wacky group of people can not only succeed if they put their minds together and work hard, but can create also friendships of a lifetime.

Enough about that, on to the parody. If you ever caught one single episode of Glee, you’ll notice how well the Sesame Street folks nailed it. The looks of the Muppets, the attitudes of the characters, and even some of the inside jokes are amazingly accurate (and definitely succeed in teaching you all you ever wanted to learn about the letter G). Enjoy!

“Sue, you are a gym teacher! What do you know about the letter G?”

♦ ♦ ♦

Wishing you a grand & gleeful Monday, friends!

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