Hats Off (Literally)

Hats don’t work for everyone. Take me for example. I always want to look good in hats, and even though history has dictated this fashion accessory is not for me, every winter I comb the stores, looking ridiculous in search of the perfect hat.

Do I learn? No, not really.

My quest for this unattainable hat leads to failure time and time again. (I’m currently swapping between two hats: one of which was a gift two years ago and another I bought for myself a year before that.)

Similar to me, the look of Disney’s Hollywood Studios was never enhanced by a hat. It was okay. It was manageable but it never did make sense. But the park stylists were stubborn. They wanted to make this style work. Even if it took 14 years for them to finally admit defeat. Perhaps if this oversized accessory was placed somewhere else or served a different purpose, the hat could have been more like that one-time investment you make in a leather bag you want to hold onto forever. You’re proud of it and want to show it off, instead of seeing it as something you want to give away or banish completely.

The park gods have spoken, much to the agreement of many. Classic and simple never go out of fashion.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sorcerer's Hat 2005

Farewell, blue hat. (And good riddance.) Like slouch socks and shoulder pads, we really truly never want to see you again.

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