Dear Rizzo | Muppet Monday

A few weeks ago, we rewatched Muppets Most Wanted; it was the first time we opened our Bluray since we bought it release week. I’m always a little worried that I won’t love it as much as I did the two times we saw it in the theaters but if anything, in the comfort of my own home with the lights of my Christmas tree twinkling in the background, it was better. It was funnier, it was brighter, and it was just as great as I remembered. (So HMPH to a blogger who tweeted tonight about this movie being more likely to be nominated for a Razzie.)

One of the reasons I like the Muppets so much is because they aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. They aren’t afraid to break the fourth wall and contribute to commentary about their own history. For two films in a row, the Muppets have been presented with a new character who takes centerstage instead of focusing on one of the zany characters they already have. Walter and Constantine have been so memorable and fit right in, but I do wish these movies could go on for another hour and everyone can receive ample attention.

This leads me to the greatest example of this… found in the extra features. The Muppets have posted a snippet of it online and you’ll get a taste but I loved this so much.

Here’s hoping Rizzo around the world get what they want so badly… more of this little guy, who should probably figure out how to use YouTube.

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