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Kill Refurb Marry

We’re BACK! Did you miss us? I mean, it’s only been a month so you don’t have to act obsessed with us or anything. (I kid, I kid.) Melissa & I are pumped for a new year of snarky and creative posts. So tell your friends! Tell your mom. Let’s make this the biggest year of Kill Refurb Marry ever! Cue the jumps and flips. (I can only do these virtually; in real life, I am a total klutz.) Well, I’m delaying my answers to VILLAINS because, well, I think this is a difficult category. The big question: do you feel compassion for any of the villains in these films? Is this more than some black or white answer? Are any of these character complex enough?

And people thought Kill Refurb Marry was all about fun. Here we go:


How do you fill villains when so many of them are dead already? Do we have the power to kill them again? Honestly, the two villains I hate the most are Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ursula is terrifying as she gains more power, and Frollo is disgusting and sex-hungry in a way that I don’t even want to think about. I’m glad the fictional world is rid of them. We can’t deal with that kind of evil again.

Basically I just finished writing this post, and came back to this question. HELP. I GOT IT.

Lady Tremaine, you are a cruel, cruel woman who steals a young woman’s spirit and humor by stripping her of her freedoms and opportunities. I’m still as terrified at you and angry with you as I was from the first time I ever saw you in this movie. You never gave the girl a break, even after her father died. You allowed your girls to bully her without any repercussions. I will never ever forgive you.


Elsa & Anna’s parents from Frozen. Yep. You heard me. First, the King gives Elsa some damaging advice about her “condition” without really trying to help her, and then this royal couple governing over an ENTIRE country decides keeping the sisters separated is the best idea in the world. Are you kidding? One of the failures of this movie is not explaining where Elsa’s super powers came from and not making the solution to Elsa’s problem more complex than this one black and white decision. I know the movie would have progressed differently if the King and the Queen had not let their daughters’ relationship suffer but I also believe it would have made for a smarter film.


If you wanted to marry a villain and could marry a plush animal, I’m leaning toward Lot-so Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3. First, he smells like strawberries and hopefully still does have working in a dump. Second, even if he was horrible to all the Toy Story friends we have grown to love over the years, his temperament was explained. No, it does not justify it or make it right but he’s humanized a bit. (Although, big question, if we did get married would I actually hear him talk or would he only talk when I left the room? Lot to think about…)

Whew, one down and eleven more to go! Be sure to hop over to Mouse on the Mind to see who everyone else is
killing, refurbing, and marrying this month!

2 thoughts on “You’re a Mean One | Kill Refurb Marry

  1. I just re-watched Cinderella the other day, and Lady Tremaine is pretty awful. She’s one of those characters that you just want to punch in the face because she pretends like she’s so good, but she’s really evil! And aside from not getting to become royalty, which isn’t a punishment at all, she really doesn’t get any comeuppance.

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