Fabulous Forty | Carousel of Progress

This week, yesterday to be exact, the good old Carousel of Progress turned the big 4-0. If this was a normal anniversary, I’d be buying the entire attraction rubies. But, well, because I’m low on cash and have a good heart… I’ll say some heartfelt words instead. I mean, I’ve already done that over and over again on This Happy Place Blog (a fav). It’s one of those attractions I grew to love with more and more trips, and probably because it was always the one request my dad made on a trip he was funding. (Thanks Dad!)

Carousel of Progress Magic Kingdom 2011

Even though I have a lot of realistic wishes for Carousel of Progress for its 40th year at Walt Disney World, I’ll let my friend The Disney Project give you a comprehensive rundown of what needs to be done. (He’s the official Protector of COP, didn’t you know?) The entire cast of this show deserves some kind of keepsake after being ignored in the recent years, don’t you think? Here are my thoughts:

  • John | Dad: Let’s keep it simple. Nothing says celebration like a cold sarsaparilla, but since he might be a little tired of those at the moment how about we get a little crazy and give the guy a whiskey.
  • Sarah | Mom: Sparkling apple cider and a day at the spa? As John says she “always gets to the core of the apple” and you know she is a woman in charge. A break from the parades and fuse issues would be night, right?
  • Patricia | Peggy | Sister: The girl NEEDS a new pair of ski boots. I cringe every time I see them. (Let’s not even talk about the slouch socks.) This can be an easy alteration. How about a classic ice skate? Those never go out of style.
  • James | Jim | Brother: My husband decided Jim needs a copy of Playboy, while I’m thinking he would probably love an iPhone. He can play music and games as much as he wants. (Hopefully, he’ll be able to beat his grandma at something.)
  • Uncle Orville: Do you think he has his own house now? Maybe stays in a hotel? Hard to say. Would be nice if he just cooked the whole Christmas dinner to thank the family for their hospitality. I want to make sure he has his own toothbrush.

♥  ♥  ♥

Even though this official 40th anniversary t-shirt is pretty snazzy, I’d be satisfied with a shirt that said: “You didn’t even have a car phone?!”

Happy Friday & Happy Fortieth, COP!

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