Muppets in Movies | Muppet Monday

Greetings, friends! Last weeks, the Muppets and I observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day but we’re back in action today with another post about MuppetVision at Hollywood Studios. I’m actually nervous to see how many times I’ve written about this attraction on the blog — it’s a big number, I’m sure — but I can’t help it if there is always something “new to me” to share.

Back in November, when I was hanging out for Wine & Dine weekend with some friends, there were lines for MuppetVision. Seeing this always makes me silently clap because a) people love the Muppets! b) maybe they are reading this blog and love the Muppets even more, and then a tiny voice reminds me that it’s probably because of MyMagic+. Whichever the reason, it’s nice to see my guys getting the love they deserve. It also means I get to stand in line and hopefully find something new to take a picture of.

What can I say. Miracles happen.

Around the side of the theater, I was the annoying person holding up the line to take these following pictures. A few weeks ago, I discussed the wonderfulness of Muppets and parodies — something they have been executing since their early years and it’s very nice to see this tradition folded into the details at MuppetVision in Florida. (I only wish there was a simpler way to spot them!)

Aren’t these movie posters fun? I was squealing before I even got into the show!

Here are two other bonus discoveries from that day too:

It Called From Outer Space MuppetVision Muppet Parody PosterPirates of the Amphibian Muppets Parody Posters MuppetVisionThe Bride of Froggen Schwein MuppetVision Muppet Parody Poster

MuppetVision Eye Details Walt Disney World

They are watching… always watching.

MuppetVision Sweeper Detail Walt Disney World

How adorable is this? James said we need to get one for our house. (We don’t even have a broom so this might be a worth while investment. Hey Disney, are you listening?

And that does it for another version of Did you see THIS at MuppetVision? It’s certainly best to keep your eyes peeled around these parts.

Happy Muppet Monday!

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