Charge It, American Express | Muppet Monday

This is the week I am always my most anxious. All my bills seemed to be due around the 10th, and it’s a headache. It really is. But I checked all of that off the list (sigh), settled down for some nighttime TV with James, and one of my credit card companies surprised me with a commercial that made me smile (and tweet excitedly).

Keep a close eye on .05!

Jim Henson in an American Express commercial?! Who knew?

Of course, I went searching… YouTube is my savior.

The full-length spot from the late 1977s featured Muppets like Scooter and Floyd Pepper in the “Do You Know Me” campaign by Ogilvy & Mather agency. (Extra points if you seek out Miss Piggy.) Coincidentally, it was recorded 38 years ago this week. (I love when things like this call into place.)

Jim mentioned shooting the commercial in his Red Book — the journal he kept until 1988 with important activities he took part in. He actually signed an affidavit that the statements he made in the commercial were the truth. (Crazy!) These American Express commercials reemerged in 2008 for a “Members Only” project, and, it seems that Jim made the cut yet again.

Oh, how far we have come…

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