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Kill Refurb Marry

Kill Refurb Marry Day is always a good day. I like this subject a lot. I crowd-sourced a bit on Twitter before I wrote this and reasons why people love sidekicks seem to range from loving the actor who voiced them to remembering those feel-good characters.Which sidekick would you want for your best friend and which one could you live without? (This is starting to feel like a therapy session.) There’s also the question of who exactly is the sidekick in a duo like Buzz and Woody. (No one wanted to choose between the two so this became April’s KRM topic.) You’re welcome.

Enough dillydallying! Time to get this post started…


I’ve always been pretty vocal about my disdain for Iago. When I first saw Aladdin I probably didn’t give him too much thought so the final nail in the coffin was brilliant “under new management” years at The Tiki Room. Gilbert Gottfried is talented, don’t get me wrong, but no one wants his “singing” to infiltrate a relaxing and classy attraction. I’m sorry. It makes sense as the villain’s sidekick that Iago doesn’t have many redeeming qualities. When you spend your time following the bidding of an evil mastermind, it’s not surprising. Good riddance, Iago!


LeFou, I can’t deny that you are a good friend. You are extremely devoted to Gaston even if he’s always a shit to you. You don’t mind looking like the butt of all the jokes, but do you? DO YOU? I want to know your life story, LeFou, because I imagine it’s a pretty interesting one. How did you meet Gaston? What did you do after his death? Was it all an act? Even though you are pretty one-dimensional in the film, I have a hunch you are a complex. You might be having an affair with one of the triplets. Who knows? You might even be working in the castle right now (where I’m pretty sure the Beast is no longer a beast but the parent company of this whole creation seems to be confused about).


I love how I’m talking about so many of my childhood favorites in this version of Kill Refurb Marry. I think that’s saying something. Even though I could easily pick Pascal from Tangled or Louis from Princess in the Frog, maybe even Pegasus from Hercules, I’m sticking with an old love of mine. Meeko from Pocahontas. This rascally raccoon never speaks, but doesn’t have to. His expressions and actions say it all. He’s protective, he’s hungry, and he’s a big old mush.

Can’t wait to hear about your picks! Don’t be shy. Leave a comment or write up your own blog post; the more the merrier!

Be sure to head over to Mouse on the Mind‘s blog for her standout sidekick choices.

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3 thoughts on “The Beloved Sidekick | Kill Refurb Marry

  1. I totally agree with your Kill and Refurb. And that is a very solid choice for Marry. Meeko would easily make my top 5 (along with Piglet, Goofy, and Sebastian), but my ultimate winner would be Thumper.

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