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I have no idea what it is (winters’ fingers prying onto New York maybe) but I have been aching for a Disney vacation lately. I know I just got back from one in January but that already seems eons of years ago. (See? The cold ruins everything.) I’m making the best out of it here. It’s the second Wednesday in the month, Melissa and I are hosting another Kill Refurb Marry blog hop, AND I get to talk about one of my favorite vacation past times that you will not find in ANY guidebook. You won’t even find it on your Disney Experience. Nope. It has all to do with finding a shady place to sit and using your eyes.


Let’s face it — people from all corners of the world are roaming in Disney Parks. There’s so much to see. The couples, the families, the friends, and even the cast members. Non-stop entertainment folks, without the Fast Pass+ thingie. (And prime time to get your background loop listening in!) Maybe this is something I’m prone to do because of New York City and you can’t help but look when you crammed in a subway or walking down a street on a sunny day. This habit is one thing I do not leave behind in the North.

Time to hop to it!


The walkway from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. This could be a prime location to stake out and watch but there’s zero shade, the smell of exhaust from the Speedway is EVERYWHERE, and it’s always pretty crowded. In my wildest dreams, the Speedway would disappear and there might be some lovely trees, comfy benches. I hope this area gets some attention paid to it in the near future. It’s much more delightful to walk around in the dark … which kind of limits the people watching possibilities.


Fountain of Nations surrounding area. In January, James and I had some time to hang out in Future World and watch the amazing, wonderful, could it get any better Fountain of Nations show. Is there anything else more soothing? (I’ve loved it since I was a kid.) I don’t think so. But … the seating opportunities are slim pickings. With the Photo Pass moment facing Spaceship Earth taking up a ton of space, there are a few benches thrown around there — and you are lucky if you get to sit by them. How can this be fixed? I’m not sure. You COULD watch from inside the Fountainview Starbucks (not a terrible idea) but it’s still not the same as being outside, and even feeling sprinkles of fountain water on your face. Let’s give this space some love! (I wouldn’t mind if someone pitched a tent over here either… I could stay forever.)


Sunset Blvd in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As always, MARRY is the hardest EVER. I went with this one because I think Sunset Blvd. remains peaceful, even on the most crowded DHS day. People taking silly pictures in front of the Tower of Terror, in a panic before they head to the most intense rides of the park, and maybe those other special people taking the time to check out all the details on the way. We can’t forget the music. The old-time Hollywood feel is alive and well on Sunset Blvd. It’s the perfect place to have a seat, grab an apple turnover, and enjoy your morning coffee.


Harambe (near Dawa Bar) in Animal Kingdom. It can get a little tricky to plan this one right… but I really like that rock formation in front of the Dawa Bar — you get a great view of Burudika playing and oh gosh — the absolute best people watching moments unfold here. This band can get ANYONE to dance. (Not me, but just about anyone else.) There’s always a little kid moving and grooving like the world is not watching either. I love the band on its own, but the crowd certainly adds to reason why I see them multiple times in a park visit.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite places to sit around the world!
Be sure to check out the blog hop landing page, and don’t be shy —
you can join in the linkup at any time! The page is live up until we do the next one. 🙂

Thanks for reading this, Kill Refurb Marry! See you again real soon.

4 thoughts on “Stop and Stare | Kill Refurb Marry

  1. There should be a great people watching place there in the Magic Kingdom. I would say my favorite place to just sit and enjoy looking around is in Epcot right outside the caramel shop in Germany. There aren’t a ton of benches, but there are a couple of comfortable benches in the shade and it smells amazing.

  2. I’d pick World Showcase in general as my place to marry, and it’s hard to pick one spot. That’s the best for people watching, and the paths are wide enough to avoid a bottleneck. That’s my issue in Harambe. It’s lively, and the band is great. However, it’s just a little bit too cramped for me. Still, I can totally see the appeal.

  3. Good choices! I completely agree with your refurb, too. I always attempt to sit outside of MouseGear on their weird seating {wouldn’t call it a bench…I don’t know what to call it} to watch but it never lasts.

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