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Kill Refurb Marry

Greetings, pals! Hope you are doing well. Kill Refurb Marry is a game that Melissa of Mouse on the Mind founded last year where we pick a topic and tirelessly stress over which to discard, change, or keep forever. It can be painful, but it’s also wonderful and month after month (we host these the second Wednesday of every month) I look forward to the creative folks who dedicated some blog content to being silly.

This month, we are talking PARTNERS. Are you scratching yourself and asking: what does that mean, Estelle? Well, you are not alone. I’ve been sitting here most of the night wondering the same thing. We fretted over sidekicks two months ago, and that’s different because in that relationship, someone is always on top. With partners, you are more on an even playing field. So these “partners” or “best friends” do exist except so many of the ones I love I can’t kill. So basically my post may turn into a total lovefest. I’m going to try to be firm!


Flotsam and Jetsam are two people you don’t want working in your office. They suck up to the boss, and are all about the bad karma. Didn’t they know they were scary on their own? They did that weird eye trick! They could have taken down Ursula themselves but no they were lazy, lazy eels. They paid the price, and maybe I’m cheating, but you know what — good riddance.


Chip and Dale: Oh these two rascals. Or are they? Much like Mickey Mouse they’ve been softened up a bit. Have they grown up? Well, in real time, yes, but as cartoon stars… no. I would love these two return to their roots, make Donald Duck mad, and stop being so cute all the time. I say I want to see Chip and Dale reclaim their title as the most mischievous and possibly the most clever.


Lilo and Stitch: These two. They just balance each other out. They win because they are both stars, in their own way. Their both unique and quirky for different reasons. Lilo likes to feed peanut butter sandwiches to fish and take pictures of men eating ice cream, while Stitch is a closet Elvis fan, who wears bras as hats, and acts like a dog even though he’s an alien. They need each other and don’t even know it. They fill this empty piece that each of them has in their heart. They laugh, they light, and they connect.

runner up:

Baymax and Hiro: I just adored this movie. Baymax may not be a human, but he certainly helps Hiro heal from a devastating blow (as he was programmed to do… sort of) and I loved watching how wary Hiro was of him at first, and how important Baymax grew to be at this really critical point in Hiro’s life. The only reason I’m not picking them as my “marry” is because I would have wanted them to have a little bit of screen time and because, well, Baymax was essentially a computer.

Okay, friends, your turn! Tweet us with the hashtag #killrefurbmarry or if you choose to write a post, be sure to link it up over
at Mouse on the Mind… right here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Happy KRM!

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