Killing the Killed | Kill Refurb Marry

Kill Refurb Marry

Well, we took a small break last month from KILL REFURB MARRY just to prep for this one… kind of. I’m not cramming and don’t this the night before. Nope. Not me. Not Estelle. Now if you are asking how do you kill extinct attractions at your favorite Disney theme park… you’re at the right place. I have no idea. I also don’t know how you marry something that is extinct. It all sounds like a great bit of denial to me. Anyway, as always. It’s going to be fun and torturous! Hope you’ll hang out & decide to play. WE WANT YOU (in the non-creepy way, I swear). #killrefurbmarry


What extinct attraction do I never want to hear about again — that’s the angle I’m taking with this one. I just never liked The Living Seas. I thought it was boring; I never wanted to do it. I also skip over the audio whenever it comes on any of my favorite theme park music channels. Oh god, the same goes for Test Track. (I’m already cheating.) Are their replacements oodles better? Not really but I prefer them over their past identities… so that’s saying something. I think.


What extinct attraction do I want to return? I thought you’d never ask! With the release of Inside Out this weekend my thoughts have been on good old Cranium Command lately. The show is the epitome of edutainment — it’s funny, it’s smart, and it has heart. Epcot hasn’t introduced anything that’s topped it and it’s a shame that we’ll never see it again. (Although if it was still around, they would have probably closed it and given it a Pixar overlay and we’d all be storming the message boards.) Long live Buzzy, I say! He’s certainly welcome to return anytime. (Epcot NEEDS him!)


We know Hollywood Studios (or what I like to call, MUPPET STUDIOS) is going through a bit of a transition/identity crisis. Man, do I miss the early 90s here. I loved it SO much, friends. SO much… I thought it was my favorite park. Where has that place gone? So I’m thinking I want to marry Residential Street. For someone who was so in love with the magic of the movies and stayed up way past her bedtime to watch all the TV and all the award shows, seeing the facades of some of my favorite shows was like awe-inspiring. It was pretty cool. So cool that a part of my soul broke when they knocked it down, and I miss it every time I’m in that park. It talks to me: Estellllle, don’t forget usssss. How could I ever forget you? YOU LIVE IN ME.

Check out KILL REFURB MARRY’s home on Mouse on the Mind. MELISSA IS MY QUEEN. She is not extinct. She is not dancing with a dinosaur BUT she is producing awesome content all the time. Go forth and love her/marry her!

For more extinct fun, visit Yesterland and Lost Epcot. Tell them Estelle sent you!


2 thoughts on “Killing the Killed | Kill Refurb Marry

  1. When you mention Test Track, are you saying you prefer the new version? Or World of Motion? I think the old Seas pavilion was a little boring, but I like it 100 times better than the Nemo version we have today.

    I’d love to see a redo of Cranium Command and something exciting in the Wonders of Life building (besides events).

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