Many many (heartfelt) thanks

Hi, friends!

This is the weekend I would normally be celebrating the fourth anniversary of This Happy Place Blog. I can’t believe it. Four years almost feels like a lifetime ago. It might not also be a total shock that I’m feeling some growing pains when it comes to this blog and how I want to spend my free time lately. I’ve taken a break, and after the last few months, I’ve decided that it’s best to close up shop and start a new adventure. I know I’m going to miss this so much, but I know it’s the right move for me. I’ll be forever thankful to those of you who read my posts, maybe picked up a Muppet film because of this site or tried a new restaurant on your next vacation. To those of you who tweeted me and emailed and were all kinds of awesome, you made this such a fun project for me. When I was feeling uninspired and dying to be creative in some capacity, THP was that for me and your enthusiasm and support was icing on the cake. Hell, I’m even thankful for the mistakes. And especially those of you who became friends I hang out with on vacation, see when you are up in New York, and talk to on a regular basis, I never imagined starting this blog would bring such amazing people into my life. I feel incredibly lucky.

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing next. I know I will be hanging out over at Mouse on the Mind more often, and you can always find me at Twitter @thatsostelle (same on Instagram). When my new home on the web is up and running, I’ll be sure to share it over here. Don’t be a stranger! Be nice to each other. Happy vacation and happy trip planning! Mark your calendar for The Muppets on TV on September 22! Most importantly, don’t forget to take time to unplug and enjoy enjoy enjoy all that’s happening around you.

Much love and Muppets,

3 thoughts on “Many many (heartfelt) thanks

  1. Good luck with everything, Estelle. I recently closed up a blog and started a new one, so I know how sometimes a project can just reach the right stopping point. I’m sure the next thing will be amazing.

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